With the increase in construction, Ford has added two new modules


The apple's logo, one of the most successful, would incorporate two new things to expand the range of Ranger now. What are they?

One of the messages that has more history and tradition in the country in the construction sector is Ford. With his classical class F100, he knew how he hit rural people and eliminated what he saw on the street.

Then the middle of the media came and became a Ranger version; , which was made at the Pacheco garden.

Now, the new logo would start with two other "images": coming the Raptor, on the one hand; and the F150, on the other.

Although they are going to " from the signal, they would star in the acid in the year that they are aware of the 10 at night, in Gardiner, where they are surprised.

An Raptor is the most striking stranger of the Ranger. That is, the middle section, but with another "vision".

It's a big "flat" in the F150 as well as a & # 39; selling the F100 history, the "full size" will face the same player on the market, RAM 1500.

The Raptor Ranger is made in Thailand and South Africa, two of the most important markets in making construction items.

Based on the usual model, Ford Performance made changes to achieve harder performance. Strengthening the essence, set up a new fix and additional protection was designed in the low places and barriers, according to TN.

It is inspired by its oldest sister, the F150 Raptor. The word "Ford" includes a & # 39; (so Toyota is with the new Gazoo Racing series), with black plastic cradles and large tires designed to stand out of the road.

The engine is a 2.0 biturbo diesel of 213 HP. The automotive box of ten gears.

In case F150, the best United States vehicle (including cars), and # 39; Stand out as if there were a double chapel and large dimensions, most "strong", a word that is often used but in this case is good. Autoblog B & B is a specialized mid-channel; Most followers have a & # 39; This model, and again wants to sell its brand in the country.

There are no identifiable engines and versions that can be accessed in the country, but in other markets there is a V6 3.3 of 290 hp engine (mobile 6 of 6), V6 2.7 of 325 hp, V6 3.5 of 375 hp no 450 cp, V8 5.0 of 395 HP and V6 3.0 turushesel 250 HP. Everyone with subtraction of ten fasts automatically

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