With the Jaz display, its & # 39; 14th international festival Goli oder


Ljubljana, 21 November – With the Jaz play, the envelope will be opened at the Old City Power Plant in the 14th international festival of Goli oder music theater, which will provide nine performances in performers' performances from six countries: Czech Republic, Finland, France, Canada, Germany and Slovenia. Féile events will be held at Metelkova and Kranj.

The festival will open an international music band from six countries led by the director Matthieu Loos with the jaz jaz, envelope. This is the development of the ideas and techniques that were created within the March's Our Life Festival framework in Berlin, on the 28th show, where 28 musicians from the 28 EU countries met on the platform.

"If they wanted to do so or not, they were carrying out the origins and representations of their native countries – sometimes these may be marked to be a major celebration of diversity, and again, try to escape away from the stickers again and just contact the other person, "write the organizers. The theme of this year's festival is the communication – the link between actors, the relationship between observation and achievement or just a link between the animals that are shaped between historical, social and personal history between time and place.

The inaugural inaugural events at the Old City Power Plant will be followed by young people Michaela Puchalk who play in the memories and the prestigious artist Lee White. For 15 minutes

On Friday, Old Town & Power Generating Station inviting Christophe Jungmann, a moving scene titled "Here You Can See" and then making an interesting presentation that is linked to mobile and musical music connections Čakačak, named several authors: Alenka Marinič, Hannu Risku, Julie Doyelle and Matthieu Loos. The evening celebrates in Menza near Korit, as is intended for the organizers, to cover night puppets with the title Dolls and cigarettes with the Ladislav Karda Czech artist.

On Saturday, the event with two events, a presentation with Devotion and a fine blessing, signed by Hannu Risku, Lee White, Linda Decimal Lapajne, and moving to the evening of the night in the house of the Layers, Kranj. On Sunday, the Old City Power Plant will decide on the performance of the Last Wish at Maja Dekleva Lapajna.

Organizers of the Kolektiv Narobov, Alliance and Narobov Arts Association organizers. Co-producers of Bunker Institute, KUD Kiks and Impro.

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