With the move to Madrid, the Superfinal between Boca and the River will create a further $ 4,000 million


The long-awaited wait and today, if there is no problem, will play the second part of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal Cup between the River and Boca, which was arrested after the incident at the Monumental, and formerly suffered delays due to storm. Everything that is similar to history and the ball will last back. In Madrid, indeed.

Everything that was disturbing the accounts on her & # 39; economic final. And what was going to be two games in which they were going to; go moving around $ 9,000 million, it became one of $ 13,000. And, moved to & # 39; party to the $ 4 billion European Union with a pool party (there is also a change with exchange rate in the final calculation.) Then the dollar was deducted at 38 pesos instead of the previous 37 pesos on November 17th) .

The new account comes from a & # 39; The value of the value of the players of each team, the first step collection, the costs of the security jobs paid in Argentina, advertising sales and logistics. The collection in Madrid has been added as well as an estimate of what Argentinaans have been traveling to see their game & # 39; spend on tickets and staying. Also the new contributions from the Conmebol to both teams.

As stated, the two parties totaling money was $ 9,000 million. The increase is up to $ 13,000 due to approximately $ 2,280 for the estimated income (about 60 million dollars) and another $ 760 million for the cost of 10,000 fans, about 5,000 per team, who bought tickets from Argentina.

1 – Traveling help to Madrid: $ 760 million

To travel on December 8, Aerolíneas Argentinas made tickets to Madrid from $ 37,331.66 for the trip of 47,978 pesos. Both tickets are straight, some of which are run by Air and others with Air Europa. When the tickets go out with the low expectations, the costs will be more expensive: the whole trip was at least $ 85,000.

The average measure is that each of the 10,000 fans will spend around USD 2,000 between tickets and their. live.

2 – Tickets: $ 2,340 million

The total amount of ticket sales at Santiago Bernabéu Park is estimated at USD 60 million, approximately $ 2,280 million. In a game that was played in the & # 39; The bomb machine was built around $ 60 million.

The Monumental & # 39; to complete the second game day. The 66,266 tickets sold were sold and raised more than $ 100 million, but the whole river must be brought back, For this reason, you will receive USD 400,000 from the Conmebol for use in that concept.

3 – Conmebol Awards: $ 500 million

Until it was decided to play a game in Madrid, the fighting team hit 6 million USD ($ 228 million). Second prize, USD 3 million ($ 114 million). So we have to add the special awards that the players' clubs will pay in the case and the remainder of a $ 2 million commitment to each team. $ 152 million.

4 – Planteilean: $ 8,360 million

According to the information about the Transfermarkt specialist site, The total value of the device is about USD 220 million or equivalent to around $ 8,300 million, which accounts for 23 players in each case.

Boca campus is worth 135 million; although the river has a value of around 85 million USD. The player Cristian Pavón, from Boca, the best ones to ask for the xeneizes, with USD 23 million; long as it is Gonzalo Martínez, on the River, worth around USD 17 million. On average, every Boca player has a value of 5 million USD length while & # 39; Each river player is worth 3.5 million dollars.

5 – Championship prizes: $ 150 million

Depending on what it would do Infobae, Both Boca and River would pay an additional prize to the habitat near USD 4 million ($ 150 million) regardless of what they get from CONMEBOL (the special awards are not They have agreed in their contracts out without leaving champagne).

6 – TV advertising: $ 800 million

Based on a question made to a number of advertising companies, an average total value of around $ 200,000 has been confirmed for each of the games. Including summaries of the second quarter, the socks and estimates for those who were before. According to this enumeration, Fox Sports has television rights in a cable channel, and the region paid around $ 300 million for its first game and this would be the case; paying around 500 million pesos.

7 – Marketing: $ 16 million

Regarding the amount of amenity and food and drink sold within the playground, it is estimated that it is approximately 10% of the total collection. In terms of their first game they were around $ 6 million and in the case of the second game, the amount was around $ 10 million (they are counted although not played).

8 – Security jobs: $ 10 million

In the case of her first final, her & her; cost for Boca Juniors about $ 4 million, and the River came to $ 6 million, despite the scandal being spent to Minister Martin Ocampo at Buenos Aires. According to the authorities, for their first game around 1,500 soldiers and 200 members of the Safe Tribune program were also part of the device. In the case of a game at the river court, 2,300 police officers were reinforced for failure to work.

9 – "Trapitos" and others: $ 8 million

For their business – the "font" called "Focus market", they did. counting an income of around $ 5 million. The cost of car parking is estimated at $ 350 to $ 500. Finally, "other", which includes food outside the stadiums and the sale of goods Other non-official close to around $ 3 million.

His historic party was spoiled in unintentional ways. It is played in Spain and with a business that has come to an end to a greater degree than the amount.

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