With the reduction of Kevin Hart, the Oscars were kept harder


Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press

Published Saturday, 8 December 2018 7:32 EST

LOS ANGELES – The "working out of the homeworker job" was even more difficult.

The Oscar's hostility is a problem, but Kevin Hart's rapid speed on old anti-gay tweets has resulted in more general questions about the gig and social media liability.

This is just an up-to-date dispute for the organization that's Put on the Academy Awards, which try to reduce the levels that are going to be. declining for his event and disrupting a & # 39; highlighting the deficiencies of the entertainment industry as a whole.

"I think it's embarrassing," said Matthew Belloni, editorial editor of the Hollywood Reporter, about the decision of the Hart academy. "It shows that they did not either attack the host properly or did not attack it and they did not think it would be a matter. And both are tough. "

Hart seemed to be suited to the bill for what the academy was looking for.

"He reviews the display boxes such as the Oscars," said Belloni. "It's an authentic movie star. It's a funny person and can handle the element that is holding the show. it's very calm after that. And for the academy, that's important. "

But Oscars have been involved in a lot of research.

Poor or even half-sized exhibitions can attract people for years (Anna Hathaway and James Franco). There is a way of trying to have a cultural awareness of & # 39; influencing the important scene (think of the song "we saw your boobs" at Seth MacFarlane, or Chris Rock's song). And even when things are done promptly, everyone will be given a correct envelope and no one will need to go away, it can be done. The guests are still blamed for poor standards.

"The host at Oscars has been a very desirable work in Hollywood. There are very few people who see them up," said Belloni. "You put a big target on your back."

People have dropped from the public face of the incident through controversy, as Brett Ratner's producer in 2011 for anti-gay complaints. But the Hart case is slightly different. Ratner's attack ideas came after the gig was retained. Hart's tweets were almost thirty years ago and were famous.

But in 2018, unsustainable social media can give somebody a cost of their work. Just in the past summer, Walt Disney Co, director of James Gunn, the third "Guardian of the Galaxy" film left for old programs in which he placed a shoe on topics; including emergency and pedophilia. As with Hart, the tweets were tightened by the mass media of social media.

Shortly after Hart was confirmed as a guest on Tuesday, some journalists began to tweet memories of their ideas; by Hart. By morning Thursday, some articles on articles were written about them. The fear was spread, Hart said, but he did not accept an excuse, even even more, which ended with Hart's news on God's night that he was in a position; declining as host of the 91st Academy Awards.

As the dust settles, the situation has been difficult for some entertainment industry. Actor D.L. Hughley Hart praised his decision.

"Comedy says something that opposes people and refuses to rest?" Tweeted. "(Expletive)" if they can not take a joke! Good you did Kevinart. "Snoop Dogg Instagram video was even more color in Hart's support.

But the GLAAD advocacy group claims Hart had not declined, however.

"LGBTQ people are an important step forward in" Hart's excuse ", but he lost a real chance of using his platform and the level of Oscars to build unity and awareness," said Ceann GLAAD's headquarters and GLAAD CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis.

The film academy is still being dealt with by leaving Hart. Hart said the movie academy told him that he needed an excuse or losing the gig. He sprang out for himself, and with an excuse.

Now everyone thinks about who should be a designated hospitality. Woman? A humorist? Not actor Someone in the LGBTQ community? Everything above?

Many are back to Whoopi Goldberg, who has hosted the awards four times. Some have said that Ellen DeGeneres, who entertained one of the highest Oscars shows, or Tom Hanks, has long-term academic relationships.

Others said that Keegan is Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, Will Smith or Lin-Manuel Miranda. Busy Phillips threw her name out there ("I AM AVAILABLE," she's tied). Philips also praised Issa Rae, Sarah Silverman, Ali Wong, Samantha Bee, Robin Thede and Aisha Tyler, or "any other woman currently working in Hollywood who wants." Stephen King Patton Oswalt ("It's a humorous, humorous man, and he's a movie expert," said the King, tweeted.) Some of the Philadelphia's eveners' designs have suggested Gritty. Or not at all hospitality, which was made several times earlier, and as early as 1989.

But the film academy needs to move quickly. The 91st Oscar is less than three months.

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