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Android apps are in Play Play Google that do not need their first sight. But if you think about that now with the Android app "Reminder – Pro", the smartphone is integrated into the smartphone that makes it clearer; make sense again.

Instead of 2,39 currently free: With the Android app, you will not forget anything else

Free Android App: "Reflection – Pro" instead of 2.39 euros instead

In fact, the Android "Reminder – Pro" app does not do much more than the usual Android smartphone application. You can store memories in that – that's what I first thought about. However, when I read the reviews in the Play Store about the app, it was clear why this application was downloaded over 100,000 times. It's just as wide as the Android phone calendars app – but it does not fill it with unnecessary memories. At the end, you will store the purest memories in this app.

In "memory memory" memories can be saved, and the repeat can be selected at any time. The design is very simple, the work is very simple and the Android app is self-explanatory. Messages will be issued separately. Because it's a really app app, there's no advertising. The stored memories can be extracted and moved to another phone too. That is also very inconvenient.

Memories - Pro

Note: If you download the Android app "Reminder – Pro" for free, it will be stored in & # 39; Google account and can be purchased at any time again for free. The campaign runs until 13 February 2019.

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Memories – Pro: What's good for the Android app?

"Memories – Pro" was downloaded over 100,000 times in Google Play Store, as described above. With almost 500 reviews, the app gets four star rating in five. I have already reported on the advanced features. The app is very reliable and easy to use. The negative reviews are more based on the fact that the app can do nothing more than the calendar. The best you can to do is the first thing you can do; share the recruitment of queries – and no disadvantages should be accepted.

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