With this application, your television will even be cleaner!


There are several reasons for this, among the most common is ignorance of all actions and a lack of time to get deeper into.

With EON Smart TV, there are over 14,000 titles in the Video Club.

The solution can be completely simple and easy to use, and confirm the recently published exhibition Telemach TV EONNext Post The latest in the new EON packages offers more than 70 HD programs, as well as many advanced features, such as creation own lists of their favorite programs, a visit of up to 7 days and a different choice abroad 14 miles of big content in the Video Club.

The EON Smart TV application is included in the three EON packages.

In addition, not only Telemach Network users benefit from the best experience of watching television, but You can enjoy everyone who has access to the web, regardless of the telecommunications provider you have chosen.

By utilizing these benefits makes it special EON Smart TV application, to use it, as well as access to the internet, you just need the appropriate TV or streaming device. There is also anxiety about additional equipment, as the remote television control is already enough.

The use of EON Smart TV is sufficient for the remote control of the TV.

How do you make your own your own TV?

It's the first step to be Telemach Websitei make sure your mobile phone device or new moves support your EON Smart TV application. Then you can download the app from the app store, put it on the My Telemach port and You will start to & # 39; Enjoy a smart television that is truly your name.

EON Smart TV is included in the three EON packages that are available to new supporters in a particular campaign, where you can read more Telemach WebsiteSouth Westerly

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