Within the SP has been the victim for 19 deaths with red – Health


SOROCABA – State of Scotland Dublin County Hotels you already have at least 19 deaths already dengue this year, according to figures reported by town halls. The number of deaths caused by the virus was nearly four times in a month. On 15 February, the last issue was published by the Center for Historical Studies in the State (CEV), five deaths in which: 2 in São Joaquim da Barra, 2 in São José do Rio Preto and 1 in Araraquara.

On Monday 11, new numbers showed 10 deaths in Bauru, 4 in Rio Preto, 3 in Araraquara and the same 2 in São Joaquim da Barra. Numbers could be higher because there are a lot of senior managers who have not yet updated the information. Already the CEV, the Department of State Health Department, is planning to publish a new edition this week.

Interior Bauruaccording to the home health sector, as well as the ten confirmed deaths, three more deaths are still being investigated at the Adolfo Lutz Institute. The town, which has been in an emergency situation since January, is managing cases of disease in the state, with 4,875 patients suffering from the disease.

Interior AraraquaraThere were a total of 528 positive cases recorded, a total of 2,790 this year. The death toll rose from one to three. Combat teams Aedes aegypti, the sending mosquito, he just started adding a direct insect in the streets. On the last day, mutirão gave 14 tons of breeding places from the houses.

Secretary for Health Sao Jose do Rio Preto it is updated to 2,834 the number of town confirmed cases. There are also 2,763 cases examined because people have symptoms of disease. With evidence of the death of two other deaths, there are four deaths this year.

Interior Neves Paulistathe town registered the first suspicious death. An 83-year-old resident had symptoms of the disease and, after being admitted to hospital in the hospital, he was transferred to a private hospital in São José to Rio Preto, but never recovered. There are 84 confirmed cases in the city of 8.9,000 residents, who identify epidem.

Dengue's affairs this year, including those who have caused death, are greater in the north and north-west of the state, where the Serotype virus has been found. When someone who has been the victim of a reprimand as a result of this virus has produced symptoms, the symptoms are likely to be worse. In the SorocabaTaking a lower level of refusal, the increase is very worrying. In the first month of 2019, the 59 is recorded in Sorocaba going over the 46 confirmed last year.

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