without 5G including 45% higher performance and better understanding


After officially coming Snapdragon 855, today in the second day of conferences at Snapdragon Summit 2018, Qualcomm offered the technical features in a new process, which will allow us to see the progress in terms of the past generations and what we & # 39; high expectations for 2019.

Having shown some of the features of the Snapdragon 855, today he then went into the tools of his computer to see what's in, where the most spectacular thing is no which does not support 5G networks naturally, but it's a feature that will be sold separately.

No, the Snapdragon 855 does not include 5G

The new 855 Snapdragon includes a Qualcomm X24 modem, which supports your values ​​up to 2Gps over Cat LTE. 20. That is, the Snapdragon 855 is not only supporting 5G networks, as you need an X50 modem to enable this action.

Once the Snapdragon 855 is added to its & # 39; X50 module, it allows to support it MMW networks faster and sub-6GHz 5G higher, that is, a complete agreement with the new generation 5G networks, which will start using it in 2019 in some parts of the world.

In addition, Qualcomm proves that Snapdragon is 855 a & # 39; The world's first world-wide processor with WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and 802.11a and a millimeter wave radius, which gives us herbs up to 10Gbps at a short range and 2Gbps at a long distance.

A new CPU was focused on improving efficiency

The Kryo 485 CPU is a key factor in the Snapdragon 855, with which they make sure we do jump in achieving 45%, almost doubled the 845, and graphics will progress in a speed of up to 20%, this is a Thanks to the Adreno 640 GPU, which also supports Vulkan 1.1, as well as OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenCL 2.0 FP. Codec Playback HDR, to support HDR10 +, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The key to this important display is going a new system of christmas clusters such as Prime Core & # 39;, which is changing the position of novels for the previous year. This new arrangement will be 2.84 Ghz, three at 2.42 Ghz for performance and four at 1.80 Ghz aimed at energy efficiency.

More information is better and better

In addition, the Snapdragon 855 will also include a & # 39; The Hexagon 690 process, which focuses on software actions that are helped by strange networks, and which will including The fourth generation of Qualcomm smart intelligcomm engine.

Once Kyro, Adreno and Hexagon work together, it is & # 39; Encourage the ability to develop new artificial information, according to Qualcomm, able to do more than 7 billion businesses each second. That is, three times compared to the previous generation, and more than two hours of performance of artificial mental activities compared to the Huawei and Apple processes, company.

Indeed, Qualcomm says they have been working with Google by helping to improve TensorFlow's performance on mobile devices, which would be translated Improvements for visualization and text through Google Lens. This would allow the text to be specified in good time for translation activities, as well as improvements in more genuine claims.

According to Qualcomm, these developments in artificial knowledge will benefit Android's neat network, which will allow us to achieve better performance by helping us; Provide better respiratory respiration and sound pressure.

Qualcomm Snpadragon 855 Android 2

News for cameras

All of these developments will help in artificial knowledge, according to Qualcomm, to give users a better knowledge of when they are taking pictures or / or; make videos. For example, now the Snapdragon 855 wants Indigenous support for low resolution 4K HDR videos at 60fps, and beyond that the ability to affect bokeh will be added, as long as we are & # 39; record a video.

In fact, this enemy is also available for pictures before they were taken or after, and even in images that were captured by another device or downloaded from the internet. This would be achieved as a result of the calls algorithms time-time separation, which would be one step above the very good picture effects of Google Pics.

As they define, this will be possible due to & # 39; yes Spectra 380 ISP new imaging process and an alliance with the Nalbi's wireless knowledge company, with whom Qualcomm has been working for several months to add these algorithms, as well as new visual computer-visual activities that will change theories in real- time, as the color of the hair changes, the eyes, the skin, the clothes and the bottom before taking a picture.

With all this, Snapdragon 855 will be made better for pictures in HEIF format and video capture of HEVC (H.265) This will allow energy saving and a reduction in a storage room of up to 50%. There will also be support for double or triple cameras of up to 22 megapixels, or a single camera of up to 48 megapixels.

After Apple has come two years ago, the certification that supports HEIF will be able to get it. This format enjoys as well as to & # 39; brings more benefits because it is essential to remember that JPG is not compatible with HDR, a computer vision and integrated video files. Thanks to this support, smartphones with three cameras can go out Three pictures at one time and save them as one image file.

Ultimately, the realities of real truth and truth (mixed truth) will benefit from an increase in settlement 8K to 360 degrees.

Qualcomm Snpadragon 855 Android 3

Opening the way for smartphone phones

Already to close the customization of this specification, Qualcomm gave details of the play and entertaining developments that try to take advantage of the adventures of smartphones, year. The first thing is the top scene of the platform Elite Gaming Snapdragon, which will focus on & # 39; Offer tools to make full use of mobile video games

In this way, developers can choose from low graphics to focus on performance or graphics at the best possible level to optimize devices that aim at these abilities.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming also offers support for external tools, such as joysticks, Bluetooth orders, external surveys with 4K HDR, as well as a & # 39; do better in making and doing. valued.

Inside this, there are also developments in technology Qualcomm aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus, with which we promise improvements in wireless audio.

On the other hand, the 855 Snapdragon will also show what they have been announcing the Cinema Show, which is Provides support for its & # 39; first time to HDR10 + in smartphones, a 120fps video and a video development development for those wishing to watch movies from their mobile phones.

OnePlus is the first one that let Snapdragon 855

One-day surprise was given by OnePlus, as Pete Lau, the company's Head of the company, told the story to tell The first city of 2019 will be with Snapdragon 855 than OnePlus, which will also be the first one to be consistent for 5G. We see what they are going on.

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