Without a date setting, flu & & # 39; runs to clear part of the arrears before deciding against Atlético-PR


(Photo: Postson Santana / FFC)

With any money in the box, Fluminense will have a & # 39; provides a monthly salary for players and staff, and four months of image that is right to throw. Last Friday, the board regularly took a small part of the debt and, without committing and committing it, date situation, run against the time to pay an additional part of the arrears before the decision against Atletico-PR, Wednesday, at 21:45, for the final of the South American Cup.

The preceding shares have been public objections and showers are more unhappy in the day. Fluminense is not benefiting and does not. Visit seven games (or 11 hours) in Brasileirão. In addition to the Atletico-PR opposition game, which is unclear in the & # 39; Final of South America Cup, Tricolor needs to focus on a Brasilianic Championship, as it has two points behind the decline and still has some chance to fall.

In the first leg, Fluminense was defeated by Atletico-PR 2-0 at Arena da Baixada in Curitiba. In order to proceed to the South American Cup final, the Tricolor must win three different goals or repeat its output; first game to decide on penalties.

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