Without a reason, two district leaders must explain


On November 17, the Ha Tinh People's Committee said that this group has just sent a letter to Mr Le Ngoc Huan, Chairman of the Huong Khe People's Committee and Bui Quang Hoan , Chairman of the Ky Ky district district. Explanatory statement The two men from their meeting to listen to the report on policy settlement for youth volunteers.

Without a reason, two president of the area must define - Picture 1.

An official letter from the Ha Tinh Home Committee would have two heads to explain the report

Therefore, on 7 November 2018, the Hain Tinh Committee of Scotland held a meeting with 443 / GM-NBNDs invited to hold a meeting to hear the report on policy resolution for young volunteers at 14 hours on 9-11-2018.

"This is an important meeting to deal with the deficiencies and eels that have arisen in the November Work Program."

However, Huong Khe People's People's leaders and Ky Ky People's Committee are without any reason, without a report, permission.

Based on the rules of procedure of the Divisional People's Committee, the People's Committee criticized the Chair of the Population Committees in the areas above without attending or appointing a headteacher to attend at & # 39; meeting as ordered.

At the same time, the chairman of the Huong Khe District People's Committee and the People's Committee at Ky Anh have a great deal of review, report the explanation to the Committee of the People.

In addition, Hain Tinh's Department of Scotland assigned a specification to the Rural Business Department to pay and pay for. consider the & # 39; process; analyzing emulation in 2018.

According to Bao Anh


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