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Few of the tenants

Lots of absentees in this group II. While Enino du Pommereux and Eridan will be popular, 5 years will allow them to test themselves.

Erminig, Express Jet and Oliver Simon. Three absent presence from the Robert Auvray Award. However, the winners of the last two groups remain. I. Enino du Pommereux (Critérium des 4 Ans) and Eridan (Critérium Continental). It may be that this is a test that is moving in this test. In theory, these two competitors are mentioned above. Sylvain Roger's resident still has failed in the election trophy. The opportunity is given to establish the correct table. "He spent a good week before he started. He worked there in Matinieu Abrivard, Monday morning, and we need to keep the pace but he seems to be a competitive competitor." Sylvain Roger, unfortunately has been ruined by heavy fall. Session Sebastien Guarato completed the winter meeting on a bad note. We know how fast it is. "At work, he gives full pleasure," said Mén-Bérard. “It looks great but looking good, it's much better than at the end of winter. I will only post it later. It is therefore better. Eclipse Danica and Estola have already been breaking up, with only women appearing. They set up the winner of the Prix Jean Le Gonidec, fronting Extra Light, also at the front. His recent trip has been made very promisingly by Very Kronos. "It can be considered for a small space," does Alexandre Abrivard have any idea. And that Muze always climbs the ladder. "I want to see at this stage. It must be capable of competing. I will have a clear heart," the Sebastien Guarato stop. This sympathy is often similar.

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