"Without writing for your ear": despite over a hundred years, Kekec's second message remains for every generation


It is believed to have Kekec a & # 39; Provides different messages for each genre: Vandot Kekec, for example, was something else like the Kekec film, which was created after World War II. Photograph: SFC

The Jubilee celebrations at one of the key literary characters of youth last year began to be Josip Vandot Mountain storytelling about the Kekcu young shepherd was published between 1918 and 1924.

Josip Vandot (1884-1944). Picture: Wikipedia

Kekec first appeared in the story Ord on a terrible way, which runs from January to December 1918 as annex to the Youth List BellAfter-time, then, was the main warrior of two Vandot stories, A chrome is on its & # 39; keep a wolf there Kekec over the lonely path, which also started in Zvonček in the years 1922 and 1924.

Kekec is still alive today
They celebrated a jubilee tour this week in Kranjska Gora, among other things, a welcoming Thursday night, serving the writer's friends. The Kranjska Gora Library powered power with the Upper Sava Museum at the centenary anniversary. So, an exhibition of artwork was opened at Liznjekova domačija this week Ivan Erbežnik (1881-1960), designed by Vandotov Kekec.

Kekec comes from other times and today Kekec's children do not have such social experience, but they still work on children, & # 39; perhaps for animals or for fear. It's a great look that has become more important than the real social, and that's the time ahead of the picture.

literary historian Miran Hladnik

He is on his knees successful not just hair with Harry Potter

As she said, there was a local librarian Nataša Kokošinek, the events and times of fairy tales that are relevant to the Kekč theme are well attended. It seems to be a very successful character of today's national children's warrior, who is not only a child; related to Harry Potter, but also to more recent characters, it seems that this is only. And this does not belong to children from Kranjska Gora, but to all of it. In Kranjska Gora, which, as a birthplace of Vandot, is home to Kekčev dom, Kekec naturally cultivates a special relationship.

Kekec is very important in establishing the cultural horizon and identity of children from the youngest years. As the British historian emphasized Look at Hladnik, it will provide another message for each generation. So, Vandot Kekec also had something in addition to the Kekec film, which was created after World War II.

So what literature and what kind of film Kekec?
He was a literary hero. in Kekec, who was serving by foreigners, and he had to go to # 39; revealing that he was a challenge to the invention and skill, to find out and find his place under the sun.

The film, on the other hand, describes its & # 39; Commonwealth between the child's warrior and the community of his home behind him and protects him and rescues it from strange creatures. However, since the last screening has been set for decades, it is difficult for Hladnik to evaluate how important it is; It is today that Kekec is so important for the current time.

Matija Barl, Kekec in the 1951 film, designed by Jože Gale through the story of the Kekec mountain over a lonely, last year's death. Photograph: Sinemonia Cinematheque Archives

Kekec proved to be a trusted center
However, we will not forget Kekec in the future because each country needs its identities, and Kekec confirms to be a reliable place, a literary historian is sure. And so exciting put in the words: "If he could spend a hundred years, why they would not even have another hundred until the Slams add or not sell this hero to the person who gets the best offer, This time, fortunately, there is no demand for Kekc abroad, and I'm sorry. We think we spend some time to stay with him."

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