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08:59 PM

Monday 18 February 2019

Books – Mohammad Shaaban:
Eye suppressions blocked a large amount of when the video was & # 39; moving a woman hanging a balcony in the Faisal area, on Monday, He acknowledges the media as "Lady Balkouna".

Witnesses from street residents are the Sabri branch, a branch of Kalabish Street, whose wife is "Sarah, 24, married to a broker" Mr. Afifi "for 6 years.

Witnesses said that a couple had come to the area a few months ago and the second is leased in a residential tower with three children, including a 50-year-old baby.

Eye-witnessed that Sarah put her life away from the balcony to get out of her husband's marriage and marriage problems, especially because she spent most of the housing costs because she was "working", saying her husband rescued her with help from neighbors.

In the same context, Pyramid has confirmed two sources in the police department without having any report about the event – even the writing of these lines – length & # 39; It is a source in the Giza research that it looks at its & # 39; video and analyze the content.

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