Witnesses influencing Gilbert Violet's sister in Political funding guides


Trade He agreed new certificates from people who were working on the election campaign of the former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in 2016, who says they put back money in the bank account who keeps party, on orders from Giovanna Violet, sister of the current transporter and interim president of that political group, Gilbert Violet.

Mrs. Giovanna had a list of what she gave to each man. She could give me 13,000, 15,000 soles, 10,000 dollars and so on from now on, " Francesca Storino Aragon, formerly a receptionist at the Instituto País, said the NGO who founded Kuczynski and whose headquarters were used as a campaign site. Peruwians for the Kambio (PpK).

Storino was a receptionist for that connection between November 9, 2015 and November 25, 2016, as stated in the # 39; its agenda. He also carried out other administrative activities, such as making repositories to a party account. According to its version, it did for four months, between December 2015 and March 2016.

He got that sure Giovanna Violet, by the order of his brother, he controlled the money entered into the party and that Alfonso Grados knew this information, then the administration manager of the campaign.

"Mr Gilbert was the leader of everyone […] He is the man who guided, the one who gave up the orders. Then, I co-ordinated with Mr Alfonso [Grados], that is the one who stopped most of them, "he said.

The current gathering of the Kuczynski campaign leader from mid-2015 to January 2016. Then was replaced by that place with his / her. President of the present Martín Vizcarra.

-Deudan de orig neo-aithnichte-
Storino argued that, as well as everyone, the janitors, as well as all those working in the field of papers of the PpK party, were called regularly with Giovanna Violet to bring money to his bank. If someone refused to surrender to that order, he was protected from compensation. "After that, they did not pay you in time, they did not let them out, they did a long time ago. […] E [Alfonso Grados] I knew that many boys were struggling to go to; do so and express them to their & # 39; work topic, "he said.

According to Storino, the payments were made by the Banco de Credito group based on two of Mayo Avenue, in San Isidro, very close to buildings; party. "I've done a lot of investment during that time […] Every month I went to make investments […] I'll count that [deposité] S / 300 miles. "

This evidence asks its compensation to be & # 39; This census can be taken up and so he can confirm his testimony, as well as his colleagues; before.

The old assistant said he took money to his bank twice when an old person was asked to speak; regulatory party and Alfonso Grados. "Mr Gilbert gives me $ 20,000 for me. It's very little for the sums that were deposited. Mr Alfonso [Grados] He gave me $ 10,000 for investment, including [el dinero] It was not ready for when I arrived at the bank, because they did not allow us to count the money we were going to give, tell me that. "

The certificate of Víctor Manuel Ramos Casternoque accords with Francesca Storino. He was convinced that he spent good money of origin without knowing. "I remember to make two investments […] The woman Giovanna Violet He tells me that he must submit money to a party account number […] I went to the nearby Banco de Credito [la calle] Barcelona […] I sent out, if I remember correctly, 32 thousand medals, the first time. "

Ramos was appointed as a camera for the campaign. Initially, it all worked for the political campaign of Gilbert Violet to Achievement of Congress, but from the second round he went on to work for President-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

"The first time we were four, all of us were [S/32 mil] because that sum did not exceed US $ 10,000 […] They did it to avoid that the bank did not ask you what; there [del dinero]. Out of the four people we went, two people are now working in the Palace [de Gobierno]"He said.

On the second time, Ramos went over to the banking body. "I think it was S / 24,000, if I remember it correctly […] It's not m & # 39; That money was. We all said that it was an owner of everything […] Giovanna was the one who handled all the money of the campaign with her brother's order, "he said.

El Comercio also collected four certificates from people who were working on a PpK initiative, They prefer to keep the security reasons of their identity as a backup. One gave them a leaflet for S / 32.100, a little less than US $ 10,000 or equivalent in medals. The Financial Information Unit (FIU) must report the source of money when activities are higher than that.

All of these people agree by saying that Giovanna Violet is a treasurer of the shadow, despite José Laban revealing the National Election Proof Office (ONPE) Office with that situation. "There was no meeting of Mr Gilbert in which José Laban was not. They stopped up and down, traveling along, eating together […] The coordinators of Laban and Violet have also been awarded [dinero]"He also added.

The PNP Finance Depot Department, head of head of chief executive Jaime Portilla, analyzes Giovanna Violeta, Peruvian party for Gran Kambio, the Instituto País and Carlos Portocarrero Mendoza, who was a legal representative of that political group for Criminal Proof Crime. To date, over 60 people have been donated Giovanna Violet as responsible for the management of enterprise assets.

-Thanks of staff-
Alfonso Grados, who was the managing manager of the campaign, told this newspaper that he was one of the posts that he had. He had to control the control of party money "when collecting teams or some supporters delivered money to campaign". "My job is to ensure that the banking was entered and entered into enterprise accounts […] to set up the operating process for making the accounts, & # 39; Miss. Giovanna Violeta is an administrative post, "he said. But, in the ONPE, Giovanna Violeta does not appear in an administrative position.

At the same time, Gilbert Violet told this newspaper for the collection and management of enterprise funds, the president's president [Kuczynski] His enterprise manager, Alfonso Grados, and a fundraising team were of his utmost confidence, and disturbed his / her. game.

"These activities were reported and coordinated, as is evident, directly and directly by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski." Violeta did not mention the place played by her sister.

Giovanna Violeta, in communication with El Comercio, said: "I had nothing to do about raising money. I was working, as any sub-government […] I think it's a disappointment, a & # 39; first of Dr. Kuczynski and then at Mr Grados without accepting his duties on the financial management of the campaign and trying to keep the secretaries or accountants responsible ".

Jose Laban said he had not been "part of the fundraising or enterprise management team." He said that "President Kuczynski" has answered that question. "

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