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Ivan Cavalero had been a warrior to beat Wolverhampton Wanderers "Wolves" to beat Bristol City; Come to the eight FA Cup teams …

The 16th final of the February FA Cup 17 is a game between the Bristol City Gate and Gate Ashton Stadium. Environmental Summary

The result showed that the visiting team had a 1-0 team by 28 minutes. Doher hit the ball before Cavalero hit the visit.

Then Wolfe kept the score to the end of the game, causing Wolfe to go to; run out of time, blocking 1-0 City Bristol, but enough to give the final teams.

In terms of other couples

Swansea Town was hit Bradford 4-1

Doncaster Rovers challenged Crystal Palace 0-2

Summary of the last 8 teams

Manchester City


Brighton and Hove Albion


Wangerers Wolverhampton

Crystal Palace

Swansea City

Chelsea and Manchester United

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