It was a bit in 2016 Jack Sparrow's famous woman He was amazed at the world when he revealed he was A wedding of a pirates of a pirate, The frightened fear of Haiti over 300 years ago.

Amanda Teague, 45 years old, She met "Jack" when her spirit appeared in 2014 while she was lying down. Throughout the medium, he was able to communicate with the ghost, which was abandoned for years ago on the altar and his last death was executed for theft of crime.

However, with a while, Amanda began to have feelings of love for the ghost, to fall in love and finally to & # 39; accept it Jack was married in international waters, in a smanomed service.

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However, It seems that after all, the woman was told that the marriage was over. Mother 5 children, previous marriage product, published in social networks "It's time for all to know that my marriage is over"

"I explain everything in an appropriate time, but after that, I want to be very careful when I come to spiritualityIt's not easy … "Teague was deep.

He said, the pirate-ghost He suffered a bad shepsis that he took to hospital and kept in bed for six months, when the Irish Mirror appeared according to the one they did not submit.

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