Woman in the attack with a knife: found 71 years old dead


Sautens – After a bloody murder in Sautens on Monday morning, the proclaimed procurator was found dead. This proved that Walter Pupp, the leader of the Tiroler Landeskriminalamt, had a conversation with him; case Tiroler Tageszeitung Online, The

The 71-year-old man had his wife hit at 10 clocks in the street and attacked a knife. The only person left the 58-year-old people when the witness came to the aid, so Pupp. After escaping the crime scene with his car, he killed himself.

According to the current state of study, the 71-year-old was the "married woman" – both were Half lives – falling close at home, says Pupp: "Why the situation has risen in such a way is clearly clear and subject to search". According to witnesses, the person should first be disrupted with something that was 58 years old and then went to his / her; attacking a knife in the circle.

The doctor got a first aid

There were a number of witnesses – including a doctor – had interrupted, so the 71-year-old victim left his victim and put off the car on the way Roppen. The nurse gave his first aid to the rescue operations.

The 71-year-old vehicle was discovered a short time later in a major research, involving Cobra, a special working group, several hours of service and police helicopter, just a few kilometers outside Roppen. Near the car, the last officers found the body of the human body. The 71-year-old man had taken his life.

"People with victims and carers have historically migrated," said Pupp. What was the reason for bloody activity was uncertain for the time. The convicts were busy Monday with crime scene and witness interviews. When the 58-year-old was heard, it was not clear at first. She was in the Innsbruck clinic. (TT.com, APA)

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