WOMAN STORIES AND THE SPECIAL ISLANDS Having been hit in the main installation


Initially on Wednesday morning, 5 December, a woman lost her life and her brother has been severely injured after being killed in Central Station.

The early charts show that at 01:42 in the evening, neighbors about getting involved between Aysén and Gutalcura streets; Contact 133 of Customs officers to report they were talking tours.

Police staff who moved to the place, found it a woman with a shot in the head and another in the torso, who died after being moved by relatives to the Sapu San José de Chuchunco.

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So, a A man who also shot on his head came to the same health center, from the place where it was taken to the Central Office and maintained dona conciliation that may have one of his eyes.

The police report says that he was brothers and sisters; in two sufferings and the opposing shows were made by a group of foreigners from a carriage.

Staff of the The Laboratory of Criminalistics (Labocar) and the Criminal Customs Research Department (O.S.9) of Carabineros are in place Making the necessary knowledge to clarify what happened.

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