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Three women decided to tell a business of a named kind "Tallis", which would be directed by a national musician Tito Fernández "El Temucano". In the month of September, the person was reported to do sex abuse. The events took place in 2010.

The qualifications were open in a report by The Clinic, in which three women spoke, their names did not appear. The names mentioned were said in a hurry to betray the musician's sexual services, to lead meetings at the Center for Metaphysical Studies in the Centro Centro area.

According to one of the victims, Fernandez, called "Master's Day", I would be sent to email meetings and ask them his emotion feels as a means of giving "light in the world" energy.

"He tells me that it was the job that I needed to give my teacher the sexual genius. I remember that I felt a big penny in my body, but I can not prove: He was the teacher! "One of the women said.

UNO Group
UNO Group

Another man of the attack attacked by the musician said he was seeing him as a "real father" and that he was feeling a lot, because he had a strong speech that attracted many people.

"I felt he would allow candles to let him know, and I was fine. I loved him, as a father, as my teacher. I realized that spiritual sacrifice , and, after that, he became Tata, the eldest father ", in detail

In the previous article it is mentioned that Tito Fernández had called many people to amazing meetings. They were all at the Center for Metaphysical Studies. To this situation it was added that a majority "family" had a "complex" family history.

"Certainly, a few days after that, the post came, and sent me to a private meeting to invite me to engage in a secret area of ​​the school. I should not tell anyone and what I was getting. I was thinking: How interesting! "One of the participants involved.

According to their drafts, the words of the campaign were; with Fernandez talking about his private parts with a sword, after which he decided whether they were entitled to the power of movement name.

"He gave me his supporter. He wanted to build the altar, as the women in the church: Give water when he wanted and put it in front of the prayer chain, which was We held hands and we closed our eyes, except me. So far no one was there, but he asked us to welcome each other by kisses in his mouth and going to Tallis meetings with a skirt. Then he came and jumped one to one to hit our salmon, "said the invasion.

UNO Group
UNO Group

After a fair deal, the "Temucano" would be called to an additional meeting in motel located in the streets of the Army with Toesca. Then there would be sexual meetings.

"I always had the doubt at least I was going to & # 39; without cause, or if it were in fact, the old man was bad and unknowingly. The fourth time I told him, with great respect, I did not; I felt like I was going to not; enjoy that promise. He replied that this meeting had to happen, because we were there there, the fourth time was the most important, because he sailed the union with his / her; blue grid, "he explained the last one.

The "blue tree" would be made up of a union between the artist and the women after having seven sexual relations.

From The Clinic they contacted Tito Fernández for his dreams of learning events, but lawyer Juan Carlos Sepúlveda said that he would not answer questions.

In September, after hearing the grievances, Fernandez said he had no "ideas" on the incidents that were raised against him, as he was said he would "read his book" at those meetings.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

It is possible that the expenses are removed at the end of the investigation, for that reason It should not be considered guilty so that justice can be done. give birth to it.
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