Women have more than 7,000 tests per month in the JP home health network


The João Pessoa Town & Urban Health Network offers a female average of 7,450 tests for women and provide ongoing care with a range of services, from primary to secondary care.

Specialized tests such as colposcopy, mamography and breast, pelvic, obstetrical and transvaginal ultrasound are available at the Municipal Polyclinics, located in the neighbors of Jaguaribe, Mangabeira and Cristo, Radiomed and Ospadalan: Father Zé, São Vicente, Santa Isabel and University Hospital South Westerly

"In this total, there are 5,200 mathematical tests that we offer each month to our users so that they will not be responsible for the October pink campaign to do this type of study. These mammograms can be done at hospitals São Vicente de Paula and Napoleão Laureano and at the Center for Diagnosis Cancer (CDC), "affirms Women's Health Co-ordinator, Amanda Romera.

The activities and services provided by the Home Health (SMS) Department offered to female people based on the Women's Health Healthcare Agency (PNAISM) Targeted Care Policy, which focuses on the priority areas of the Stork Network, Oncological Network and clinical and generational care, such as pre-age care, the promotion of natural joy and reducing caesarean sections, reducing maternal dying, tackling anti-feminist violence, family planning, among other functions that work in a joined-up way between Primary Minister, Special Response and the Secretariat Hospital Network.

Photograph: Secom / JP

"The services and tests are offered in the network and to have access to them, the user needs to go through basic care, with care in the Family Health Units, where it is sent to services specific and consultations when necessary, "explains Amanda Romera.

Stork Network – The care network is to ensure that women have the right to reproduce and humanitarian care for birth, birth and puerperium, as well as ensuring that children have a right to become safe and grow healthy and develop.

In the Municipal Network, Stork Network services include reproduction planning, craft care and attention to movement settings.

Within these services, the user has the opportunity to spread oral and transliteration anti-emotions and descriptors, grab induction (IUD), tubal connection and vasectomy for partners, and continue of ordinary dementia and high risk.

The Oncotic Change Network – Providing services and exams to go to & # 39; blocked, manipulated and & # 39; Control of ribbon cancer and prevention, cure and revitalization after chronic cancer. With regard to cervical cancer, the services are: cytopathological cervical collection, colposcopy, uterine cervix stimulation (CAF) and biopsy, and surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

The diagnosis, prevention, control and revitalization of chronic cancer is a clinical examination of brooches, geometric help, mammography, mammography, fine threaded desire (FNA) and biopsy, puncture snuff (PAG)) and biopsy, medicinal treatment , chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and plastic surgery repairs.

Clinical care and genealogy – Actions aimed at climacteric monitoring and menopause, the prevention, treatment and control of disease-oriented diseases (STIs), AIDS and viral hepatitis that tolerate violence and vulnerability and special numbers.

Within this axis services are offered as early exams, addresses and treatment and medical continuity in STI cases, emergency anti-shifting procedures and unexplained solvents, in care of patients, victims of violence, generic emergency care and treatment when necessary, as well as a medical child in healthcare services.

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