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The movie, not just about jogging love on traffic is well run. After three weeks it collected 578,627 spectators, and their choice is very stable, so it's likely to be a billion dollar. Martin Horský is a great success. Women's first director is running. As a screenwriter, he previously made a comedy, "A Rugged Woman on the Neck".

Sci-Fi by Alita: The youngest listeners have a special interest in the battlefield. Teenagers from a future in the future, who have a leading warrior of masters' work, are a keen, enthusiastic and funny. In the Japanese pubs, Alita collected 50,926 spectators during the first weekend, which was the only one.

In the third instance, LEGO Story 2 collapsed, from the fact that the figures were extracted from the amazing device to including Hustěnka, Batman and Gandalf. There were 34,254 spectators total for the sporting scene. Home News A lady with a gentleman, as well as Lucie Vondráčková as well as Jaromír Hanzlík, who is the author of the script, has also failed. There were 27,461,000 spectators in their fourth place. From the movie, then, such a bit like Woman in Run.

The films visiting in the Czech Republic
Last week
Film Number of visitors each weekend
1. 1. Women running 118 143
2. 107. Alita: Angry fought 50 926
3. 2. Lego story 2 34 254
4. 24. Summer with the gentleman 27 461
5. 3. Bohemian Rhapsody 19 311
6. 4. Dog home 9 492
7. – – How to manage Dragon 3 8 088
8. 5. Solution game 7,442
9. 8. Ralf Ralf and the internet 6 895
10. 6. Deborah 6 189
source: Union Broadcasting Film

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