Women were receiving a complaint for poor service delivery and as a result a National San Borja Hospital death


Until the Santiago Court of Justice Courts arrive three Women of Venezuelan nationality to enter into lawsuit, in the Seventh Court of Art.

The legal remedies against San Borja Arriarán Hospital, prosecuting him Medical diagnosis and degradation and xenophobic violenceas long as they were birth.

In particular, it is the case of two children who are ill, between March and December 2018 non-retracted non-recurring damage and another child who died in March 2017.

According to the complaints, the cure they received before and after a decision was delayed.

The medical team would not have been involved in time, adding that they would be a reason Xenophobic ideas "To be Venezuelan".

Carolina Delgado, one of the circumstances that happened, said her son had many problems, even with death risk.

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Humberto Angulo, the deceased's father, said the day he was born – and how his daughter died – it was called around 04:00 hours to go to Caesarean, but from after that waiting about 25 minutes they warned him that he was unwell.

Pressure (Millibars)

Consumer Solicitor, Hector Musso, sent out directly to health workers without having to do so; do their work well by using them kesarain when they need them.

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From the building they brought them into the situation and ensured that the clearances were in research.

Deputy director Alejandro Casals, consulted for more complaints about that evening, recognizing that Another Venezuelan citizen had suffered the same cure.

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The health center, located on Santa Rosa Avenue, is that one More deliveries to foreigners made between January and November 2018, with 3,433 of the 4,930s made.

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