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Progress It is said that new transfer options are a good dispute. By providing a driver of drives you will be able to. young people, people with disabilities, and the older people to get around as easy as people with driving permits and their own cars. Scores and other solutions should be about a mile as shared dock or bicycle dock to help people living in communities that are not protected by regular public transit choices. But this week, some inequalities were identified, which the photographers of this open vision in the future might be able to settle.

For anything, women pay more than men in the city of New York to move around, for a number of complex reasons. For another, Uber and Lyft have set up a loyal program that will reward the power users with fancier cars, which could create cycling classes. And then there are taxes. No more special than $ 7,500 federal tax credit for the purchase of an electric car. Tesla and GM, two American companies that have led the EVs case, are initially missing, which will start to start. happens when they sell 200,000 electric cars in the US, and # 39; Benefits to the latest market entrants such as Audi and Jaguar in the future. But there is a new partnership of car manufacturers and others trying to resolve the inequality that sees them.

In other news, I wrote about setting free drops by connecting them to the ground. If the thoughtful traffic on holiday the next week is already down, we also have options (futuristic) to get up and over.


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  • It is said that public translators are equally accessible to anyone, but as Marshall Aarian reports, women will "pay a pink transport fee". In the city of New York, women will paying $ 36 to $ 50 a month just to get around, especially due to safety concerns. The researchers say there is no reason to believe that the same effects are not the same; happening elsewhere – but that they can be expanded in New York, because so many residents are dependent on public transitions.

  • Tesla, GM, and Nissan have a joint venture of companies and organizations interested in the electric vehicles, to try out the federal tax credits that they have. decline. EVs customers currently have $ 7,500 out of their taxes, but that's one hour away. All producers reach 200,000 of the US sales of Tesla, which Tesla has already done, and GM has been doing it; going to age. The situation would mean to & # 39; pick up the cap to make the game range up to date.

  • Uber and Lyft have initiated an award-winning program to make their services even more attractive to loyal customers. Alex Davies writes about these landforms of air programs, where riders often do; Get points such as enhanced cars, priority throws, and customer support numbers.

  • He is suffering unhappy, but there is even a way to make mistakes, & # 39; and more useful to connect them to the earth, giving them a stable solar power rather than hanging on short batteries, and leave them for weeks. They make large orches of temporary cells or their; Monitor cameras, possibly in conflict rumors, or after accidents. The next plan at CyPhy? Connect them to the rear of moving cars.

  • If you do not want to drive, Boom Supersonic is working to return to the age of commercial air travel faster than more sound, which has not been an option since Concorde started in 2003. By 2025, Eric Adams has a & In writing, the company is hoping that they would build a 55 passenger passenger that is going on. travel at Mach 2.2

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Do not ask cars, do not forget flying taxis, or any way of public paths. The way to find out where you're going so fast & # 39; It is possible to do a personal jetsuit, obviously. Richard Browning, a Royal British Royal regiment and an ultra-marathon, decided to do it, and then quickly realized that it would not be as easy as he was. think. He suffered more than a few times before making regular trips on a regular basis, but now he is building and doing. He sells a piece of his suit, and you can look into action here.

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Four in Ten

According to a survey of AAA, 40% of Americans have a detrimental effect on the ability of dynamic driving support systems based on their name. Motivation, Pilot Support, and ProPilot all mean people; The cars can carry themselves, at least some of the time. Millennials (59 per cent) and GenXers (40 per cent) are expecting the highest levels, and Baby Boomer is tired (only 27 per cent think they will be taken on a trip) .

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  • Elon Musk, some of the Model Owner owners, made 3 positive statements – says Tesla Some trucking companies bought and to be banned by others, everything to travel for new vehicles, and says it is slower. The final result is that Tesla promises that anyone will be delivered by the end of the year to anyone who orders them by the end of the month, applying for a $ 7,500 tax credit.

  • Bloomberg recalls that Waymo, which was the former Google auto automotive unit, was near to be ready to launch its commercial driver's car service. It builds a strategic option for Uber and Lfyt, and may be a & # 39; The first time to pay passengers in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the next month.

  • However, there will still be constraints for taxi drivers without a driver, and one may be one of the most weather conditions. That is in line with Waymo's head, John Krafcik, who speaks at the D.Live conference at Wall Street Journal.

  • The Ford Mustang could be equivalent to American muscles, but a British company now wants to attract classic forms of the car into the future by giving them traffic after -the, full of electricity. For around $ 250,000, Charge Automotive sells you one of 500 Mustangs with 1960s style, and good electric motors for sprint 0-60 miles in 3.1 seconds.

  • How staff in the WIRED office in San Francisco will confirm the quality of air in the District; Bay is very poor, to the extent to which residents and employees warn them to stay inside and to; limiting physical activity. It is the result of smoking from the nearby wildfires, but it is one who fits in; casualties of another business opportunity. Recognize that some Uber drivers sell a facial mask from their cars. (He also notes that others are seen by removing them free).

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Drivers can have a remit to drive drivers to & # 39; Give a fair feeling of security about the ability of their cars, and their privacy. allow them to drive. But you think that smartphones and big-screen screenshots are in a position; worried, a report from 2010 shows that there are plenty of other things to worry about. Even then, when cars were moved to hands, Most incredible people get sex while & # 39; as they traveled.

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