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2018-11-23 03:36:13 Tobar: People of the day

The Beijing newspaper, November 22 (Reporter Zheng Yi) "The Middle of the Old Town Cup" "The first sovereignty of Chinese Women's 32 is strongly aligned on the 22nd in the Chinese chess house. " In the first round of unofficial springs, Yu Zhiying lost Wang Shuang, he lost Li to Wang Yubo, and Wang Chenxing lost to Chu Ke.

Focusing on his battle, Yu Zhiying kept the black with two stars to start, Wang Shuang responded with a star, and he chose to change. Yu Zhiying started to play a good move, and gradually benefited greatly. Wang Shuang struggles in a lower position, not only does he do it; The top corner is on the right, but also to the south of White, and has achieved many fields, and the situation has become very simple. Officially, Wang Shuang is even better, and finally overseas Yu Yu benefits an eye.

In other competitions, an old soldier Yan Naiwei originally defeated Dong Tianyi, Gao Xing defeated his & her; youngest player in the & # 39; this competition, Wu Yiming, who was under 12, and invited Zhang Wei a chess player to counter Liu Huiling and Tang Hao defeated Song Ronghui.

His contest was co-sponsored by People's Daily, Chinese Society of China, and the Chess of China Institute. People on the daily Internet, People's Sports Department, Yuzhong Municipal People Government, People's Sports Co-operation, Langzhong Ancient Development Development Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yuntian Road Ya Culture Communication Co. Club Xu Ying Go organized.

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