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The last two books Let's sunset The Vietnam version has completed 48 programs with good results for Duy Kien's pair of love stories – Hoai Phuong, Bao Huy – Minh Ngoc and Doctor Hai – Mai nurse. In order to congratulate the event, the film team met the audience in the afternoon of November 19 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Display on & # 39; a red hairdresser, a female DJ from An Giang attracts all eyes with a jelly. It was said that the organizers wanted the female dresses to spend white clothes, while the men were decorated in black, DJ Oxy did not know about the code of dress. This made the most important oxygen on its red brass.

Humorous clothes, women who manage & # 39; Sunshine & # 39; - picture 1

Close the song, DJ OXY sexy

Wonderful clothes, high women over a woman's guide & # 39; sun slippery - photo 2
Humorous clothing, senior female female management & # 39; sun slippery - photo 3

The film maker was together for her & her; couple in the movie, but unfortunately the band lost this Capt. Duy Kien and Lieutenant Minh Ngoc.

Humorous clothes, high women over a woman who guesses & # 39; sunrise & photo 4

Long Cao Thai Ha, Huu Vi side very close

Photograph: CTV

Ann Let's sunset, DJ Oxy is a Trang player, a car owner, who looks like a hot, Western voice in fact. This is also the 9x An Giang first part. Now she is working on her acting skills to pursue professional acting.

"I'm not a professional actor, but I'm a movie actor Let's sunset He is lucky. I do not have a lot of trouble to play an autonomous car owner, because sexy is the style I'm in; to follow. Without Song Luan, I'm sorry. I and Song Luo know each other long after visiting a concert. At the filming site, before I have worked closely with Song Luo closely with support and just working in the most natural way, "the beautiful girl appeared.

From afar, the captain "Duy Kien" entered Dr. Hoai Phuong as he was busy working in the United States he did not return in a while.

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