Woods – It's a new chance to go to golf; in Michelson


Las Vegas – The golf world is waiting for a Friday duel Tiger Woods there Philo Michelson on the named Shadow Creek Golf Coure in Las Vegas A Match, many in the duel will also see the chance to go to golf; get another weather competition. In fact, it is a California-based duel duel, a Nevada gaming field and nine million American herbs, in fact, banned by an American show and media attention. So, a news release is expected in the & # 39; playground, where the competitor in style of boxers should look hard in the eyes. Although there are several bits, even with a stick, they both smiled at their news release from the heart.

The wild campaigns have now been a good friend of the last few years and have set up a new attempt to a golf game. It's just a two-star duel, and it is said that it is much more expensive than the other competitions, where observers sometimes watch hours who do not have an interest in hours or hours. The presentation will be provided in addition to the microphone, and the players will be around the equipment, and the spectators are able to monitor the interaction between the two athletes.

"It's a challenge to listen to audiences. I'm very happy for this, as it's a full story," said Woods in an interview with US TNT. He also agreed with Michelson, who says about the new form of a game: "Because the duel is broadcast by a pay TV, there will be no breach for advertising, and there will be an opportunity to The audience is just what we look at the field and tell you. "The duel will be on Friday, when people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, and the spectators need 20 pay for the scenario. It's very sad, as it is also broadcast by some European television. Since it starts at 9f at CET, & # 39; There may be a lot of observers on the Middle East.

Both players can look forward to an excellent job. Woods has been celebrating in 80 competing PGA series competitions and competing with Major has 14 titles. Michelson won the top five competitions and 43 PGA competitions. Years ago, they were large enterprises, as Woods dropped his neighbor four years of age.

Being good for golf, Woods also recognizes one-off competition. "Golf tiger built to the news magazine. Indeed, we were a big competition, but it was special." "When I won, he won three times." And Michelson says: "I'm playing at the same time on Friday. After so many competitions are lost I have the chance to get back again." Woods offers funny opportunities: "For more than 20 years, I've been struggling with me. But see who has the greatest benefits, and he knows that he is at the end of the day. "
It is also worth noting that the player agrees that the prize prize will receive one of the last charities.

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