Workers will carry out work after a bankruptcy burst in the Milite Department


Carabiners used this work early in the morning at the bank of BancoEstado, which was appointed at Av. Apoquindo 4660, in the Las Condes home military department department.

In line with initial reports by Carabineros staff, this would attack the ATMs that are located in the building, middle of which some explosive device would be used.

"U.The Carabineros service team found that BancoEstado branch was broken, so, when they arrive, they realize that it is likely to be a loss; in ATM, "said Lt. Col. Juan Estay, from the prefecture of Santiago Andes.

Indeed, by thinking that the two cash makers that are in the place are not in place; damaging, it should be cleaned if it can not be an attack. For this reason, we will try to find out if there are cameras in the place that will provide information on what happened.

The seaman Joaquín Lavín, who was also attending the site, would have been the two individuals who had been in attendance; starred in the event, blocking a "small gas cylinder inside the backdrop and spinning the taxes with the quick wind, to stop it, but finally steal."

In the framework of this work, the surrounding facilities were explored in other elements research. In addition, police officers have introduced security boundaries, to protect the area and work by the Carabiners and Labope Gope staff in the area.

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