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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 23 Subject: Working hard on "specialization" Solving long-term pain funding points – Interview with Gu Yi, President of the Business and Trade Bank of China

Reporter Group Xinhua News Wu Yu

The recently run private conference identified the way to solve the problem of difficult financial funding for private enterprises. On how to implement the relevant policies, the reporter recently interviewed the president of China's Business and Trade Bank, Gu Yu.

Strengthening positive incentives and solving the problem "repaying loans"

Q: How do you recognize the problem of "repaying loans" from large banks?

F: In order to solve the problem of "paying back loans" at a high level, we must strengthen incentives and advanced leadership, and encourage large organizations and staff to allow them to take their burdens and promptly, and encourage a unique improvement. On the one hand, we should provide an appropriate emphasis on the performance assessment of inclusive financial services, increasing the scale of credit scales, and, on the other hand, the development of a free and hidden private enterprise machining device, and Stop the "fear of borrowing" of national creditors psychology.

Question: What dimensions ICBC introduced to protect single-line workers who are unwilling to provide, without issuing a loan, or without a # 39; give a loan?

Gu Yu: In order to further comment on "frightening" at a high level, ICBC has taken a series of specific steps. In delivering the unhappy solution, ICBC added more special incentives for the Pratt & Whitney business, Focusing on awarding for core users to improve better on financial financial industry and special performance of the financial industry. At the same time, the losses resulting from the branches due to the reduction in lending prices will be fully covered with the headquarters.

In solving the problem with respect to confident loans, ICBC has negotiated private and small and arbitrary operating arrangements, and are made more consistently, so that "legitimate effort" can be followed . It gradually increased the suffering for loan comparisons that did not carry out private enterprises and small mini-video.

In problem solving not to & # 39; lending, the ICBC has accelerated the acquisition of small centers and financial micro services, strengthening the "experts for managing loans", and allowing credit professionals who know the best marketplace, let the best users and dangers; in order to kill a risk, credit and risk accreditation. At the same time, make full use of large data and online information to help large banks to make detailed business ideas.

Solve the current funding pain points, create plans for the next three years

Q: What is the work done by ICBC recently to solve current financial campaigning points of private enterprise?

Gu Yu: Following a private enterprise conference, ICBC carried out a multi-level research into private enterprise funding, and found that this "smart tire" had different features of private enterprises: not – it's just that it's Watch funding in the credit channel, but also in giving up a share. Other routes: not only small and small-scale problems, but also in many large and medium sized enterprises; money initiatives need to be invested in new projects, but also to solve the problem of funding of stock projects.

In response to the challenges facing private enterprises at this time, ICBC added to increase the creation of credit support from private enterprises, create multi-created market assets, invested in private enterprise bands by creating a credit risk disqualification certificate, and successfully helped three private enterprises to achieve 1.5 billion ouan. Distribution of band. In the last few months, the staff visited over 5,000 small and small enterprises, a larger funding support of nearly 10 billion yuan for private campaigns through different addresses, and signed a cooperative agreement Complete with hundreds of private backdrop campaigns.

Under the influence of a series of measures, ICBC's funding support for private enterprises has continued to grow, levels of interest have been made to & # 39; declines, and a large bank space and "head geese" have been well played. According to the data, at the end of October, nearly 80,000 private enterprises with a balance of funding in ICBC increased by 8% compared to the beginning of the year, and accounted for almost 80% of the total number of initiatives funding, and the funding balance of 2.1 billion Yuan. 4.7%, falling dramatically from 5.37% at the end of the first season.

Q: What are the plans of ICBC in terms of serving private and small and micro-enterprise services in the future?

Gu Yu: It is not really a private and small enterprise and micro enterprise, but an important business area for the future sustainable development of banks. Therefore, ICBC has created a three-year plan: in the coming three years, inclusive ICBC loans will grow by an average of more than 30%, and doubled in three years: increase private enterprise loans with less than 200 billion yuan per year, and new funders will not be lower than annually. 5000 homes. Increase the intensity of resources and solve the problem with sufficient supply capacity.

At the same time, in order to ensure that the policy is very positive rates for small businesses and micro-enterprises, ICBC will have a very low economic capital comparator factor for small loans and micro enterprise, and price reductions between internal movement for small loans and micro enterprise.

In addition, ICBC will innovate the results and financial services for all levels of private and small life and micro campaigns: to launch more clean credit for start-up, & # 39 ; expanding the range of initiatives for long-term enterprises, and partner-based enterprises along the river and downstream. Providing supply chain supply services actively …

Make a good opportunity for users with innovative "special" risk control

Q: How do you make sure that "sustainable living water" is strengthened to the private and small private and micro companies that need financial services?

Gu Yu: Bank investment and investment is broadly complex, and professional risk-making decisions are very important. So, when ICBC supports private and small-scale and small-scale projects, not only does ownership, not only size, not business, but high quality and a lower level. For those private campaigns that are experiencing difficulties for a short period of time but who are experiencing a " Focusing on their main and promising business, ICBC will help them overcome the problems through a variety of risk mitigation methods and avoid breaking the chain.

In order to do the work correctly and in place, you need to give a deep understanding to the user and make good access. ICBC implemented the subject of "Bank Inclusive Bank" theme, which transmitted over 400 secondary schools, over 200 small and micro centers, over 16,000 service areas and over 10,000 small and micro-customer managers to grow the market and entering the park. Identify the user.

Q: How do you show large scale and small scale and small-scale scale scale business service sustainability?

Gu Yu: Can an entrepreneurial service continue to keep private and small services and mini-mines? The key is that the renewal of a wind control module can be successful. According to the way in which large banks were used as major corporate users in the past, it is difficult to cover the cost of small credit levels and micro-enterprises, and what long-term business sustainability is?

So, the big bank needs to work hard on "designation", and play the role of traders and professionals, and Increase research into management rules, business models and private and small financial features and micro-enterprises, and to innovate with its wind. Disciplinary procedure. At this time, ICBC has set up around 230 small and small-scale business centers, covering over 75% of small loans and micro enterprise. The Pratt & Whitney Finance Department is set up 38 units, with over 400 shortcuts adding the second Pratt & Whitney Financial Department by the end of the year.

In addition, you can use financial technology as a big data to display customer images in each area and keep track of consumer risks. At this time, through the large data monitoring model, ICBC is robust and accurate and more than 2 trillion billion Pratt & Whitney stock resources and 1.5 billion billion annual loans for administration and strictly endangered control.

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