Workshop to consider tools to protect the name and logo of the League of the United States


The Arab Arab Group (LAS) held a workshop on the ways to hold the name and logo of the League of the United States on Sunday, the presence of a large number of representatives from Member States and the legal, statutory and active authorities in different areas of the State, specialized Arab groups and Arab Federation societies groups and representatives of Arab media, radio and television companies.

The workshop was opened by Fully Powerful Minister Mohamed Kheir Abdelkader, Director of the Arab and Union Organizations in the League of the United States. He talked about the reasons for his & her; workshop led by Soillse, Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit to defend the name and logo of the League of the States Regulations and laws.

Mohammed Khair said that the Arab department has seen many clear and clear emissions on the name and democrats of the League of the United States that people and institutions should be entitled to be sure and to be a & # 39; Awarding certificates and cars that are designated to the university that are not relevant to the university for profit and profit from the back of the name The slogan and the diplomatic titles that break the law, 39; the administration involved (Department of Arab Organizations and Unions) of the economic sector would be chaired by the Secretary General of the Ambassador's Development Secretary of the Economic Department d. Kamal Hassan has to fulfill his duty to attack the Arab street through a strategic plan for education and awareness in order to protect the laws and regulations that are in place; Protect the name and logo of the League of the United States so that they can not rely on this name to express the Arab citizen.

During a workshop, some modules have been given which is displayed; Bankruptcy rules use the name and logo of the university and clarify the role of the governing authorities in the Arab countries to address this situation and how they will make laws on the use of the university's name and logo .

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