World Bjorksta Ikea map does not include New Zealand


If you're going to spend $ 42 on the map of the world, you want it to be accurate in geography.

But wings, one poor country was destroyed from the ground in this map Ikea Bjorksta. Can you see the mistake?

The photo was uploaded to Reddit, where people quickly saw that our Kiwi neighbors were removed from all of the design.

The time can not be harder, with Ikea announcing plans to & # 39; last month for her first shop in New Zealand, in Auckland town.

"If they are not going to sell these maps in the new Auckland shop," wrote one Reddit user.

It's a bit to do & # 39; denying the country that gave us Lord, Jacinda Ardern and the best sav blanc in the world, and some of the Kiwis are right on their pissed:

But others gave it a good way, with one user saying that New Zealand is "out of this world".

Kiwis has long complained about their country's barrier from global mapping.

Last year, Ms. Ardern launched an amazing campaign asking everyone to recognize the country.

Playing together with the Kiwi supernatural, Rhys Darby, the two videos released saying "a great deal was going down" and that they had to return the country to books map of the world.

Ikea is still responding to its & # 39; map.

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