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Talk: The Twenty20 World Cup will begin on the 24th of October in the new rules for the International Cricket Council (ICC). But earlier on October 19, the global warriors will begin in Bangladesh. To play in the Twenty20 Twenty20 2020 tournament in Hobart, England, Banglaid needs to override the appropriate crash. Red green donors can not play directly in the T-Twenty World Cup if they can not stay at the top of the T20 rankings by 31st December 2018.
Bangladesh plays three matches in the & # 39; classification The Tigers need to cut the Super-12 tickets in the Twenty20 World Cup next year. Bangladesh and Bangladesh had to play in the T-20 2014 World Cup preliminary stage. But it was possible to take a step in Steve Roads 'disciples' steps. However, the Tigers aim is to play in the preliminary stage and play in the World Cup title instead of Super 12.
A group of three groups in the group is at least one second to Bangladesh. As a result, it will not be difficult to go across its & # 39; humans at Tigers. Sri Lanka is also playing in the certificate A group & A; at the company.
If you can be better in & # 39; primary, Banglaidia will play in Super Group 12. India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan and the second team of A & # 39; A & # 39; to participate with Tigardan. In that case, Super 12 will start on October 26.
Every game of Bangladesh will be played at Bellerive Oval in Tasmania.
45 matches in the next T20 Cup in seven major cities in Australia Hobart, Zillong, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne are also played in Perth and Brisbane. This is the seventh edition of ICC Twenty20. Although World Twenty20 is the name, the T20 World Cup will be on competition. It is also a two-year competition, but after four years, the rules have changed.
World Cup Register
Applicants are appropriate
October 19th 2020b3
October 21 2020 B2
23 October 2020 B4
Super 12 Group
Group 1 Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, A1, B2
Group 2 India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan, B1, A2

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