World Cup Cup The "home" Zhu Ting management is just back to the country is very practical Zhejiang team Turkey –


  1. The World Cup Cup "home" Zhu Ting returns to the country is just practically | Zhejiang team Turkey Sina
  2. Shijia Cup The Zhejiang women's ballot team with Zhu Ting has 16 points to help Wakif open the door
  3. Zhu Ting 23 points Wakifu Wireless World Cup Zones Tunnel with a two-game game won by
  4. Rasic: Zhu Ting is the best ones with her on the court, she's feel very safe.
  5. Real thigh! In the face of the strong enemy, the Zhu Ting exhibition offers a 56% first-class success rate
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