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The eight richest families in the world – Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Warburg, Kun-Loeb, Lazar, Goldman Sachs and Lehmann manage everything. It's all of them. This is what many people around the world think about, from the poorest people to the rich and well-known Trud.

The story of Lehman Brothers, one of the largest four largest investment banks in the United States, which has a breach on September 15, 2008, marked the beginning of the world's financial crisis, planet. And it continues to be used until today. The long-term market management practices with mortgage policies, also implemented by Lehman competitors, have caused the US bank crash. And so, domino's influence in the world. In the last 10 years, the experts at around $ 14 trillion have estimated the total amount spent on the deployment of the western government in the form of recycling of bankrupt banks, loan loans and supply of lyrics.

And the money of the governments, you know where they come from. And in the world and in our country – where the highest economic figures are against the inflation for these 10 years, not just something, and for a real registration of payments and pensions we can only dream. Greece is near to & # 39; Getting rid of its total breakdown in 2008/09, has been the worst economic measures that the EU has saved, all of which with the unexplained current in the last three years hood. The economic striking policies that have been used against the crisis in Europe have become a major cause of massive growth throughout the continent. And they were more than enough to be a source of support for a range of economic, populist and European movements in each Member State in the European Union.

Remember Iceland!

And everything started when Lehman Brothers fell. Although he is in the experience he could be someone else from "Big Four," "Merrill Lynch," Goldman Sachs, "or" Citigroup. "Each of them got to fight in time to get money from the American Finance Department in the black for bankers in September. I let" Lehmann "be pulled on a short watt , perhaps the most detailed thing. It was virtually not so valuable for the other basking sharks. And they probably did not always have the winning side. At the end, the logo was amazing. Wall Street's investment banks before their crash in 2008, "too big for failure" were as big as "Goldman Sachs" and "Lehman Brothers." In any case, the US banker is not in & 39; a jail to encourage the crisis to enter, as it was, anywhere else in the world except in Icelandic. Although it seems that the population (320,000 people) know each other personally or because they are just very hard, but for the ten b Last year, they are convicted and put behind their banks 39 bankers, active leaders, with market handling around the 2008 emergency. That's right, yes! In addition, Iceland between September and December was broken down twice, first for Lehman Brothers and Wall Street to go down, and a few weeks later for the bicycle. Reykjavik and even even start to & # 39; drilling opportunities for membership in the EU, but finally, for two years, they put their legs and gave them up.

With what you said, you understand that everyone should have a reason on his / her; planet to remember Lehman Brothers. What could explain why Coglio is a? think they are still here. But let's go again. As with some of our previous warriors, this one is a from the outskirts of the town of Würzburg in Germany, and in particular the village of Rimpar, where Henry (Haum) was born in Lehmann in 1822. His father, Abraham, is a local stock trader. The oldest of three brothers, Henry went to the United States in 1844 and went home in Montgomery, Alabama, where he opened a textile and textile shop under the company "X. Lehman . "When his brother Emmanuel went to Rimpar in 1847, his company's name changed to" X. Lehmann and Bro, "and by inserting the third brother of Maier in 1850, Lehman Brothers was born officially. In the 1850s a cotton became one of the most important materials and began to grow. a company that has recently been established to exploit its & # 39; high market price. The Lehman Brothers first gets raw cotton, as well as pays and in a few years he is one of the biggest shoes in the south. The trick came in 1855 when Henry Lehmann was ill and rested on a yellow fever during a work trip to New Orleans. Typically, Emmanuel and Meyer do not give up and go. holding a case, a & # 39; Turn a shopping and selling company to a large company.

For a nice reason

Unlike the other big bank families that we have already mentioned, such as Kun, Loeb, and Lazar, who have gathered their first state in the American Civil War (1861-65) by orders and weapons for weapons; Northern, the Lehman Brothers support is the cause of the south. So far, everyone must connect the concepts of "big cotton", "Alabama" and "1850s" to "slavery". In a US national record in 1860, Maier Lehman recorded seven items of clothing (literally created "three men and four females aged 5 and 50"). A few years before the bank collapsed, in 2002, the Chicago government needed all companies that had contracts with its; township to tell whether they were relatives or ancestors involved in the slave trade. "Too Big to Fail." "Lehman Brothers" must publicly admit that the basic brothers were slave workers, "they bought a woman called Martha in 1854," and "personal slaves may have them. " Since then, some say.

In 1854, Meier Lehmann was appointed by Governor Alabama as a special commissioner for the protection of southern southern leaders. After the reconstruction of the Union, Lehman Brothers is also involved in rebuilding after his Alabama war. At the same time, his company moved to New York, where he opened the office in 1867. The Lehman Brothers were very important in establishing the New York Cotton Trade in 1870, Emmanuel remained a member of the board until 1884. At the same time, in the business business and the financial advice of the railway. In 1887, Emmanuel Lehmann was already a member of the New York Stock Company and in his hands the impact of his company was a " growing. In the meantime, Meyer gradually retracted from a business and his / her. resting in 1897, leaving seven children behind him, and the girl abducted; less, Herbert Lehmann, later Governor of New York.

From the summit to the abbey

With the arrival of the new century, Lehman Brothers' uprising began. With the death of Emmanuel in 1906, a bank governor was sent to his son Philip, who is considered one of the first bankers to identify a collective issue as a seed capital building. In the next two decades, Lehman with Goldman Sachs will be participating in successful funding of companies such as the Macy, physiological series of Studebaker and Goodrich and many others. When Philip, in 1925, spent the relay to his son, Robert "Bobby" Lehmann, his company is still in office. Bobaidh turned into a banker to a large extent, and to attract additional tutors, he decided to open Lehman Brothers and outsiders. While he was a leader, Its company has grown to & # 39; Falling on the 1929 stock market and the great crash thereafter in the 1930s, and at the same time thriving in & # 39; raising money for his first television producer in the United States, Dumont Labs, American Radio Corporate Funding and the beginning of its power in a future landscape called "Halliburton".

Robert Lehmann left the bright world on August 9, 1969, at the age of 77, after 44 years at the end of his bank, and without any family member involved in his / her family; business to move heritage management. The 1970s economic boss left the board of Lehman Brothers leaders to draw up the chief executive Pete Peterson, leading their unity with the troublesome Kuhn, Loeb in 1977. The effects of power are inside the com -parts in the board of bank managers over the last ten years, the accident – Lehman Brothers – was acquired by American Express in 1983 and stayed in resigned until 1993 when a new public procurement was launched at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Als and unscrupulous profiteers in management in the next 15 years to bank; Stay up to its highest status as the fourth largest in the United States to make its fateful September 15, 2008

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