World Shops The Croats were just before the benefit, and then they dropped out of their group


In the last round of the League of Nations, Wembley Park defeated a national Croatian team to England 2: 1 unfortunately.

The Crofts were ahead in the minute 57 minutes Andreja KramarićaSouthwest And then England was equal for 12 minutes before the end with a goal Jesse Lingardand in 85 minutes he visited a visit to win the home score Harry KaneSouth Westerly

EPA Harry Kane will celebrate

The Crofts were not suitable for the League of Nations final competition. In the company, England got seven points, another six Spain, and Croatia four. It is not yet known where the final competitions will be held. Uefa will be officially present to the executive committee on 3 December. However, Portugal is hosting the final competition held by Portugal. The games will be held in Porto and Guimaraes.

In two years, the Croits who have won this year's Russian Cup and played in the B League of Nations, where teams have good teams; play, but not as good as England and Spain.

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