World Swimming Championships Gwangju Offline sales are earnestly starting


Meanwhile, visitors to the 2019 World Swimming Championships will be able to buy tickets online.

▲ Jo Young-taek, general secretary (photo)

The 2019 World Swimming Championships Committee announced that it will start launching the Gwangju World Swimming Championships and tickets for 6 events and 76 events.

The Organizing Committee starts selling tickets at the Organizing Committee and the main ticket center in Gwangju City and 20 KTX train stations across the country starting from 10am on April 1.

The 20 KTX main train stations across the country, which sell tickets are easily accessible to all citizens, including Seoul, Yongsan and Gwangju Songjeong, and it is easy to buy and also swimming competitions for the people.

369,000 tickets are expected to be sold, including 80% for home and 20% for overseas sales, including 60% online and 60% of the sites sold.

Lee Yong-sup, Gwangju's mayor, said: "As the only international event to be held this year as the first sports event in Korea, it will be a problem for our lives." "It was important to watch the best players in the world, so hurry to buy," he said.

Alternatively, in order to sell group tickets, the Organizing Committee commenced promotional activities for the Gwangju, Jeonnam, local government offices, public institutions, and the Gwangju area. We intend to extend promotional activities.

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