World Web Designer Tim Berners Lee: People, controlling your data


Tim Berners Lee. Photo: Reuters / POOL New

Tim Information Lee, Informatik 63-year-old, designed on 12 March 1989 in Cern The World Net, first as a network for the management and investment of large volume of data produced by scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research tCern).

Information Lee has been struggling in the last few years, and he has t Yes my solution would solve the problems revealed in 30 years of survival, among other things obedience. t misleading information and lack of data protection, including visits by foreign media organizations.

According to the French AFP, t Information Lee, in conversation with a group of journalists on the day before the anniversary, put pressure on Monday. Yes bi "their data needs to be fully controlled. Data is not oil, not products for sale."

Personal data is a right that you should not sell, as there may be a fearful future when there is a large amount of data about individuals.

In words, people can't expect, Yes the world will survive: so people should take care of the security of their own data and do not believe it blindly, Yes they watch them with governments.

For this purpose he also launched a campaign Solid, that, in order for users to control their data, it recognizes that, t Yes We need to keep laws about the personal information you hold.

Despite the difficulties, however Information-Following hope: "According to eas the net changed over the last 30 years, it would have been dangerous, t Yes they would not believe, Yes se Mr Yes in the next 30 years to make it better. "

"Fighting on the net is one of the most important battles of our time," He sent the German DPA.

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