Worry about a rude decision and the brilliant sentence for the cleaning in Volos


Strong concepts have been inspired by the law and not only the court order in which a ten year-old prisoner of a 53 year-old man's detainee has been sentenced to his Level E hair to be able to find work.

Following the concepts of colleagues and criticism in social media, the press release of SYRIZA media reports: "The Criminal Appeals Court is five of Larissa's be so sad and despite poor hostels. This decision will affect the public's legal opinion and affect their trust in justice of the country. The need for the review and rationalization of the relevant legal framework appears from the above. "

Cleaning crime working in a healthy nursery school had long been the school's high school level & as a graduate of Level A.

It was named in 1996 after a competition of ASEP stating that it was graduated from Level 6 to be able to find work for her children and support 67% with her spouse with a disability.

At the outset, he was convicted to a 15-year prison with a barrier effect until the Appeals Court declined. In the second place he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, stopped, and then passed to Thebes.

"The decision is just unlucky, this is a very obvious case, in terms of the continued level of Criminal Justice," a Greek Union for Human Rights said in today's statement and it is says the sentence is "terrible".

No, the Union continues, "the judge has been investigated for too hard, and so far has been a case for passive or non-decision making offensive. "

At the same time, the Union reports its communication:

"The situation for the State with fake or unlawful certificates, even a poor man, even as a cleaner, is very reasonable to punish him.

But both criminal law and the criminal judge, who have a decision about what happened to a person, must always always respect the principle of compromise.

It seems that the foundations of the magnificent phenomenon that have been put on the glass seem to be a huge damage to the State, The court has been equal to the salary of two decades, as long as this woman was in a position; cleaning nurseries. Mercy! "

The Union also notes that such cases are usually in cases that are in fact; related to the moral case, sometimes in "corruption" cases.

In these cases, the Union continues, "the law after its conflicts has been attacking the State too often" and a & # 39; added:

"Lag. 1608/1950 law, median media, was originally issued for many offenses only for death penalty, today's life-freedoms.

He was convicted for decades, the criminal theory asks to be ridiculed, from time to time that the leadership of the Ministry of Justice and the committees that are committed; Continue to launch a new marriage code in this guide, but to date, due to fear of political costs, it is arrested and has complained that he is committed to corruption.

This is despite the fact that this law, although it had been there for nearly 70 years, was not breaking up a crime problem in Greece. "

In prison after deciding to & # 39; Court of Appeal

It is recalled that Justice has not shown any evidence in the case of the 53-year-old cleaner, usually usually for weak citizens.

In the first instance, he was convicted to 15 years imprisonment pending up to the Appeal Court. In the second place, he was sentenced to imprison her for ten years imprisonment and sentenced to Eleonas's imprisonment in Thiva. The next stage is the legal case in the Areio Pago.

In response to this development, his colleagues from Volos gave the following:

"We declare an illegal" justice "decision against our colleague, a cleaner person from Volos, who was convicted of a 10-year prison sentence, because, according to his conviction, she worked in a volunteer coach with a "wrong" degree Primary, as long as he was "graduating" of Elementary Elementary School.

Bourgeois's justice, after having seriously damaged a bad employee, was convicted of a woman who struggled to be in a position; His family lives in 10 years in prison! It was named as an ASEP competition in 1996, saying that she is a FG graduate to find work to keep her children alive and assist 67% of disabled spouses.

For 20 years she was offering services to the Volunteer Day Care Center, and offer work and pay her. He did not steal it! Without public money damaged! I worked them! To be able to address family needs. At this time, following the decision of the Larissa Ball Ball Member's Court, she attends her unjust symposium in Thebes Prison.

We want our colleague to be released immediately because it is not a crime to work for someone to do; stay and when it grows special problems. "

Also, with a sharp commentary, published by Magnisias newspaper, "Tahridromos", the Staff Unit, OTA Magnisia wants the glass to be discharged immediately and that its sentence will be removed, 39; inviting the government and Justice "to show fair movement – it seems – there is no sense of consciousness of the society we live." It is also describing various aspects of a 53-year life, such as the fact that 67% of her spouse has a disability.

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