Worship in the government family: Jorge gathered together with Morena and met his grandson


Jorge Rial was reconciled with him Brunette, your daughter. They had been damaged for several months and seemed to have been hated. He cured time on the wounds and the new family member got early help with resolving everything.

With great joy, the journalist of his networks decides a picture of the whole business youth surname Then he was able to meet his little boy, and he still does not know his name. Although they were going to put Jordi in the first place, they seem to have spent their time. opinion.

"Today I met my grandson", write the driver Representatives beside the image. The union of a father and daughter is coming from a very important decision that is; celebrated before and after Jorge's post. He decided to leave the entertainment program before he reached 20 on the air. No thought!

Fortunately with Romina Pereiro in pairs, Rial is enjoying this new stage to the highest level, where he will be a grandfather for his & her; first time. Now we need to wait for Rocío for a & # 39; edited by her sister and everything looks like in the old days.

The film started in mid-year, when Morena dropped her father to be slow and poor. She even stated that she would It was a food and a monthly money to work out and be a little. Today everything in the past has disappeared.

Jorge Rial met his grandson.
Jorge Rial met his grandson.
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