WOW Air travels work, connects with passengers


REYKJAVIK, Iceland – The Icelandic budget band, WOW, stopped on Thursday work, tying passengers over two continents.

In a report on his website, the air carrier, who had previously taken over several journeys, told passengers that there would be no more trips, and they advised them to look at it. have visited other airlines to reach their goals.

The airline, established by the businessman Skuli Mogensen, began in 2012 and launched ultra-ultra-regional aircraft between North America and Europe, with flights to urban airports such as t Washington, DC, New York, Paris, London and the Reykjavik center.

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The breakdown follows six months of disruptive dialogue to allow the airline to sell a low price, initially to the main trading organization and the Icelandair sailing boat, and again to Indigo Partners, an American company operating a company – t Air Wizz.

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“I won't forgive myself for not working faster,” said Mogensen in a staff letter on Thursday. “It was clear that WOW was an extraordinary airline and we were on the way to another fantastic journey.”

The biggest industry in Iceland is Iceland and the WOW is predicted to have an impact on this summer's high season.

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In the early years the airline was rapidly expanding to 37 destinations and reported up to 60% of annual growth in passenger numbers.

His income per passenger however, has not sustained and fell by around 20 per cent in 2017, according to the last salary report.

WOW established at least six planes in North America, which were due to depart from Wednesday, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Detroit, New York and Baltimore.

In Europe, Reykjavik aircraft planted from seven cities – Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and Copenhagen – on Thursday morning.

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