Wow Sends work to stop passengers being swallowed


The airline announced that the message was being posted on its website on Thursday. He advised passengers to arrange new flights and said some of them may be entitled to compensation.

The tragic Toronto viz of the Toronto airport to Torco was flown from Toronto to Torvo by a porter known as the 'Sugrabh Aggarwal'. T

Aggarwal said that customers already received different information regarding the status of the aircraft before it was canceled at 10:55 p.m. He said that travelers were not offered accommodation and that no money was recovered.

"It was a real buzz about everybody, at that time our bags have now been returned and no money has now been brought back to me," said Aggarwal to CNN .

It wasn't until the next morning she got a Wow email. Passed to passengers that the airline had stopped and all trips were canceled.

Other travelers also criticized Wow on social media for lack of communication.

"Just about the story and this news." was sent back Jonathan Koo, who was later arrested at Newark Liberty Airport, was scrapped. "They didn't even communicate directly about a man, they had to get out of twitter and reddit."
Second passenger was explained pandemonium at the gate and waiting for the same tour in Newark. Other people were drawing pictures of people when passengers tried to find out what they would do.

Airlines, such as EasyJet and Norwegian, offered reduced passenger ducting charges due to difficult conditions, in line with the Iceland Transport Authority.

The budget airline also said passengers who bought tickets from a European travel agent were part of a protected tour. Others with travel insurance may be entitled to compensation.

Wow said he could pay compensation "in accordance with the European Air Passenger Rights rules". If the airline applies an bankruptcy, passengers may apply with the administrator or reader.

Alex Spence, a Wow traveler, told him to return to Berlin on Toronto on 30 March that she did not receive a warning in advance from the airline.

"Now I need to find a home of airplane at the last very expensive moment," said Spence. "Strangely, the worst part is that Wow did not even reach to give passengers a message of mine."

Established in 2011, Wow was known for free cross-Atlantic fares on routes through Iceland. It forms part of a group of Viking planes who charged low ticket prices with a non-complex service.

This is the latest site in a series of aircraft systems which are struggling to cope with the damage caused to the air industry by competitive competition and mobile business models.

Primera stopped Working in October 2018. In February, German airport was introduced for bankruptcy by German airline, and the British air firm Flybmi ceased to fly.

CNN presented Gianluca Mezzofiore to this report.

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