Writers should be paid more, the most important thing about making a film



Actor-producer Aamir Khan expresses that Hindi film industry needs to pay more to writers, which are a fundamental part of the mobile travel process. Aamir was at the forefront of the 2018 Writing Writing Competition in Cinestaan ​​India, and said that these competitions could bring more talent. The writings of Juhi Chaturvedi and Anjum Rajabali were joined together Monday.

"I felt very happy when I discovered that Anjum (Rajabali) was really keen to organize his scriptwriting competition because India is a big country. People who want to tell different stories are not getting the chance, so it's a good platform where people can put their stories, "the PK said an actor.

"The film industry also needs competitions like this because we need new writers with different scenes so when Anjum invited me, Juhi (Chaturvedi) and Rajuji (Hirani). We thought that We have a great effort and we should support it, "said an actor.

Writers' salary is always a place of talking in the movie industry.

Asked if writers should be paid enough so that they can get good stories, Aamir said: "This scriptwriting competition is trying to encourage people to come and write and we should not stop here. In the film industry as representatives, we should pay much more for the writers. "

"I'm choosing my movie on a scripts, and so I think writers are the most important thing of filmmaking as it's a story; in a movie. When a scriptwriter writes a good, then we all connect to that project. That's the case, the writer is the basic person in the process whole. "

Aamir said he is trying to create an income model for industry writers, in collaboration with writers and producers.

"There is no doubt that film is a conductor because it is a storyteller and that it is a teamwork where players and technicians are also involved. But the writer is a person who came from story, and so I feel a writer should be honored to the situation and the money compensation for a writer should be higher in the business.

"In that case, we have debated a lot and we are trying to create an income model for that."

As part of the Chinese Storytelling Writers' Collection, launched by Cinestaan ​​Digital Pvt Ltd, the prize received prize money of £ 50 lakh.

Although he gave the highest award, Aamir said: "Not surprisingly good, there's never a good movie. There are many good and happy writers in our country. However, their right platform is just the opportunities to showcase talent. This platform aims to achieve exactly that. "

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