WRITING: Quang Hai is again a "leader" of a Thai company


The Bangkok United Football Club has overseen Vietnam's football matches at the 2018 AFF Cup and understand the ability of Quang Hai.

Following the 0-0 draw between Myanmar and Vietnam Phone, the middle of the middle of the North American people looks like the conference room.

Understanding Zing, said Ernst Middendorp, Bangkok United Technical Director.

Quang Hai Muangthong United
Quang Hai has been interested in Muangthong United (Thailand).

"I was very pleased with the number nineteen. It was small, fast and very famous. Indeed, I know when there is information that League League 1 is trying to bring back," the One-year 60-year strategy after viewing its game.

He said that it is easy to understand when Muangthong United's information for the Hanoi ranges is recruited: "Each team has the same sponsorship and so it may also happen.

In addition, the 60-year-old also commented on the game: "Both teams play very well, and bring many of the feelings to the audience. If Vietnam has been fortunate, Myanmar could win. "

Ernst Middendorp
Mr Ernst Middendorp to see the Vietnam game. Photograph: Zing / Quang Thinh.

It was the coach; Earlier of Augsburg met his coat of arms, Antoine Hey. Coach Hey was a student at Dusseldorf's current Juergen Gede (VFF DWG).

Also, as German, Ernst Middendorp did not forget about the situation of his neighbor Juergen Gede. It was astonishing if he did not see the GCG of the Vietnam Football Association that appeared in the 2011 AFF Cup.

Vietnam's football success in the last two years has helped to make the name of Juergen Gede known in the southeast of Asia. However, the GDT is just behind and much does not appear in the media.

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