Kanye West started on Twitter last night and went on a clock against Drake. "You started trying to get Drake's attention, and the wheel seemed to have been completed after Mr West had discovered that he was named after Drake. West West gave him back on Twitter and said that Drake was a threat to him and his family. Kim Kardashian even started to go online, and he welcomed Drake for The world's side threatened. The west side and his wife took displays at Drake, saying that you saved the path to succeed. Most of Control of Twitter to think about … Do not Kanye and Drake live close to each other? Tyrese seems to be the same way.

TMZ was captured by Tyrese Friday (December 14), and he asked him how he was feeling about the war of Twitter. "Oh, they got a historian. You know, the son of a male," began the Fast & Furious act. "I do not know anything about that, I do not have any of my business," explained Ty when asked about Kanye's claims that Drake threatened his family. "When you come from the hood, you know how to stay out of the business of people."

When the TMZ Reporter reported that Ty ri Dwayne Johnson had an online accident, singer and actor just laughing. "Remove it, handle a bug on social media when trying to someone who is not the most interesting thing you always do," he identifies. "They are literally two blocks apart," he continued. "Both of them live in Hidden Hills. They put a shit on social media when they live near that."