WWE figures were presented as gifts of Jorge Valdivia and Esteban Paredes


An WWE continues to & # 39; travel to Chile with the WWE Live Santiago event That will be held tonight at Movistar Arena. Following the actions, Rey Mysterio, Titus O, Neil and Apollo Credits The three figures visited the children's hospital Exequiel González Cortés in San Miguel.

The luts would share with a & # 39; children on the first floor, where they played, a & # 39; talking and photography, and then went to the area of ​​children in the emergency center.

When the trip calmly, people from Fox Sports who took part in the event took advantage of the event and gave him an official shirt for Colo Colo to the three WWE scenes.

WWE WWE stars with Colo Colo / Pedro Marín, El Gráfico Chile

Mexico King Mysterio It was interesting and he explained to his companion that he was the gift they gave them, making sure that this is one of the most important clubs in Chile.

The person with 619, plus Neil and the Creatures, took away the T-shirts as a gift. Jorge Valdivia and Esteban Paredes The trip, which ended with a special minute.

When waiting for the additives to go away from the building, lines with a baby appeared in a curraw, leaving the three figures that were reduced.

It is expected that their three will enter the ring as part of this amazing exhibition in Santiago.

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