WWE NXT "Takeover: War II Games": Uncertain Vs. Ricochet, Pete Dunne, War Raiders (War Games)


War Games: The Raiders War, Champion Champion WWE Pete Dunne and NXT North American Championship Ricochet vs The uncertain time (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, NXT Roderick Strong & Kyle O & Reilly) Tag Tag Teams

We return to the ring and Kayla will go to the ring; Overcoming the rules for the premier event tonight. Initially the time comes uncertain – Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and NXT Roderick Strong & Kyle O Filtered Tag Filters & Reilly. The Cole Head will go to his / her; ocean while others are Going into a smaller cage together on the platform. Cole will make the cage double and double; come into the ring to make its position to pop. Out for the other team, The War Raiders, Hanson and Rowe. They will submit a ceilidh together and they will Speak some rubbish with the members at the uncertain time in the cages. Afterwards, Pete Dunne, Champion Champion WWE. He also talks rubbish to his opponents on the stage. Dunne is raising its title and coming into the smaller cage with Hanson and Rowe. NXT The American Championship Ricochet is released behind and is going to his & her; circle.

The bell can be heard and a & # 39; Stand in one ring while Ricochet is in the other. They talk rubbish and her & her; pull each other. Ricochet is coming into the Cole ring and Cole's attack, to the corner. Ricochet will be converted and a & # 39; remove, build up. Make a rib with a big knock on the ropes. Ricochet is completed by & # 39; Cole goes over with headaches. Munro with a dropkick now for pop.

A handle is controlled for a few minutes. Ricochet flips back from the second rope in the corner but Cole is caught in the middle of the air with Backstabber. Cole is controlling and her & her; Ricochet runs now with strikes. Cole with her chest. Cole with more crime, leaving Ricochet in the middle of her; ring again. Cole throws Ricochet to her & # 39; watt and keep it down, releasing the knees and her; driving the knees in the back. Cole uses the middle rope to cut Ricochet now, and # 39; placing his face in the steel and talking rubbish. Ricochet is fighting back but Cole dropped it down to his knee. Tap with a cake to avoid heading. Ricochet puts vows to Cole now. Cole goes into the other box. Ricochet will run and run. jump up to the corner of his ring, entering the other ring with an uppercut flying to Europe to bring Cole back. The timer will go down when fans continue to go. count down. Kyle O Reilly has been released to go to the game.

O & # 39; Reilly is hitting the ring and Ricochet has a & # 39; but Kyle of Lochalsh gets his hand up with palm strikes open. O Reilly with her knees and more to strike her & her; brat. O & Reilly investigating Cole and her; turn back to Ricochet when the double team starts.

Ricochet is fighting against both enemies but O & # 39; Reilly is thrown down by Dragon's shadow skipper. Ricochet falls down his knees. Cole moves his knees to Ricochet now. O & # 39; Reilly continues up and running; playing Ricochet with a jacket. Musicians try to rally for Ricochet and he's a begin to fight crime. They turn it back and Cole brings Ricochet down on knee and knees O & # 39; Reilly at the same time. The timer is going to go out again and Pete Dunne is in a position; Looking to leave her cage but the War Raiders are going to stopping him and Hanson runs down to the ring. Dunne does not look happy.

Hanson will hit the ring and his ring; Download Cole and O & Reilly. The large man will empower and empower her; move around with targets for both enemies. Hanson visits several times running clothes in the corner to Cole and O'Reilly. Players will become wild because it's a Continue to wear clothes from corner to corner. Hanson is high and horn builds. Hanson by Bronco Buster was great for both enemies at the same time. Ricochet and Hanson are currently doing. Ricochet flows back from behind Hanson and his / her; Visit Press Shooting Star to O & # 39; Reilly as fans. More back and forth between everyone now. The timer is going away and Ruairidh Strong goes out after him.

Strive to hit the & # 39; circle and release. Strong a big dropkick with Ricochet and pups to Hanson in the corner. Strong with a knee jumping in the corner to Ricochet. Strike with two red squirrels to Ricochet and another huge move over the knees as fans come for the series. It is strong to use Ricochet as pages and its; going to work on Hanson. Hanson is caught in the middle of the air and thrown. The uncertain time to Hanson's completion is a cooperate with trouble to shut down. Fans singing "Offensive!" now. They all turn on Ricochet and Hanson now, keeping them down on the # 39; watt and corner.

The timer will go out again and Dunne will go to it; Little Rowe struggles because their cage is open. Rowe will first get started and her & # 39; ran to the ring. Rowe will hide all three enemies and her. hitting a big roof to Strong. Cole rescues O & # 39; Reilly but Rowe Level Cole with a big glue. Kyle goes on to the back of Rowe. Cole is over but Rowe chokeslams have long, & # 39; The Sound is still on his back. Rowe has a strong decline in Strong and O Reilly with power-power at the same time. Cole is the only one who stands now as long as she is harassed. Ricochet is being introduced to The War Raiders and they are inserted into steel and stomach. Hanson and Rowe visit Cole in the corner now. Tap with pups to Strong in the other corner. The timer is going away and the time for Bobby Fish is to be released.

Fish leaves the cage and its; passing to lock Dunne into the cage. Drain pulling fish into the cage bars and takes it out. Fish will sabotage the green and its; Bring the key, and make sure Dunne can not get out. Dunne has an impact on fish as it goes down. Fish will launch the cage's key to the population. Fish goes to the ring and it's going to Starting to install a steel city under the ring. Hanson's fish were chaired as long as he was going. struggling with fish. Fish and Reilly with chairs opposing their opponents. Cole and Strong are going to join the other team's chairs. Mauro tells how War Games could officially start until Dunne gets in.

The uncertain time is now the enemy's destruction. Hanson was handed over to steel. Rowe was introduced into a city that was set up. Ricochet was also beaten. They launch The Raiders War into the casino's steel again. They will split long while & # 39; is the time to count count again. It's time to drop Dune. A referee has found another key but he says he does not work. Another referee is going to help & # 39; appear. The uncertain time is still controlling issues down in the & # 39; circle. Musicians sing "light break" for Dundee. Strong and O & Reilly will bring Hanson to the top. Hanson will have strong supersons from one corner while Fish a & # 39; Raising Rowe from the top in another ear. Cole will talk about how they are going to go. running the show, looking up to Dunne. Another referee produces cutters out how Dunne is ready to hit the ring. The lock is broken and here Dunne comes. The cage door is closed and they are kept from getting into. It will be carrying kendo stick from under the ring, which hit Fish and O Reilly. Dunne is opening the door but this is come Cole. Dunne washed Cole's hand on the steel steps with her & # 39; watt. Stronger is coming over but Dunne is a fight on, and slamming the door into him. Dunne throws her & her; watt kendo in a string. Ricochet leaves a cross-head to bring his enemy out. Dunne throws rubbish capable of filling in arms into the ring, and other rubbish can. Dunne goes back under the ring for a board as fans continue. come true. Dunne slides to & # 39; board to Rowe. Ricochet and Hanson will keep their opponents down. Dunne slides another table in the ring. Dunne sends another stick and hers; go into the cage. War Games have officially started.

Dunne will come in and go to. download his enemy with kendo rods. Ricochet also uses kendo bat on others. Dunne sends O & # 39; Reilly to the steel split between the ring. Dunne works on his hand and on his backbone, and then he's going to do it; stain on the steel part. Ricochet thinks O & # 39; Reilly with his & # 39; watt kendo Dunne is working on O & Reilly's hand a bit. Dunne slams strong on the roof of O & Reilly. Cole will return and go to; putting Ricochet into the steel after a lamb. O & Reilly gets a chair that was headed by Hanson. Hanson has rubbish over Cole's head. Rowe captures Hanson and he returns to Cole with her can, and beat him into the turnbuckles. Rowe will split Hanson and her & # 39; removing it on the top of O'Reilly on the steel section. The team is now doubling Strong's strong team and hit big clothes. Hanson has 2 strong counts and fish is make the savings. They're going for the only double team page but O & # 39; Reilly is a & # 39; rubbing gut to Hanson face. Fish and O & Re; work on The War Raiders now.

Ricochet falls over his knees strong and Cole is astonished; follow up with Backstabber to Ricochet. The uncertain time to divide Dunne is now. He stands up and begins fighting. Dunne sends Cole on a bow. He'll get everyone out for pop. Dunne drops fish into knees. The expeller will check Fish as Dunne a & # 39; stretching their knees wounded. O & # 39; Reilly is broken to make the rescue. O Reilly throwing a drain with a chain. O Reilly throwing the chain around the pond's ankle; Dunne now. Dune counting and & # 39; influencing Kimura with the series. Fish is broken by a steel chair going to the army. O'Reilly's appeal to Dunne now. The uncertain time of holding the Raiders of War and Ricochet is from a & # 39; Dun saves from the petition. It is strong to enter and work on Dunne while & # 39; the application is still locked. Ricochet has flown over to save it. Strike with a chair with the Ricochet gut. Hanson is the only one who stands now. Hanson takes O & # 39; Reilly to the top of one corner length & # 39; Rowe is strong at the other. Cole leaves Hanson from the back. Fish Dune Strands with a large face envelope. Dunne strengthens strongly while & # 39; Ricochet is up to O & # 39; Reilly. They hit in-stereo hurricane for pop. Ricochet is a O & # 39; Reilly cover but it's a & # 39; start at 2.

The Raiders War are now standing up in the ring. Hanson brings Cole on her & # 39; crop but the leg is broken. Some fans. Hanson will repair to & # 39; step and position to & # 39; board back. Rowe collects Cole from the middle of both rings and hers; going for a power but Cole will fight out. Hanson is coming to an end to her; empowers Cole to conclude how the Kyle will be broken up by the chairman of his / her son; behind. Rowe collects Cole again but fish will hit it with a kendo stick in the # 39; behind. Fish will take Rowe to & # 39; hard damage through a board that stood between the two rings. Cole works over Ricochet now in the corner, in front of a constant record. Cole brings Ricochet to a & # 39; top for superplex through the board. Reptile counts and slides down. Cole is in Tree of Woe but the Kyle is here to save it. Ricochet will have a compensation and a & # 39; leave O & Reilly on the top of his table. Cole is still above the corner. Strong with a lamb to the top of Ricochet. O & Re; Reilly relates to a board appeal to Ricochet. Hanson stands on the upper rope of the other ring. It will jump over and go to; Put O Reilly through the table with a big splash. The pin is broken at 2. Fans who sing NXT again how we can transcribe

The eight Superstars are all down now. Cole is going up first. Cole will climb the cage to escape. Ricochet meets him at a & # 39; roof and they are hitting. Strong sites come up and they're up and down; Looking to put Ricochet out but it's back. Dunne is also involved. Dunne is trying to & # 39; excite Cole to the cart. Reilly's screenshot and a # 39; help Cole. Rowe will climb up to help Dunne. Fish will come across to help Cole and O & # 39; Reilly. This only leads to a high-quality seven-seventh seven – powerbomb company from the top rope to its & # 39; brat. Ricochet looked from the top of the cake. Ricochet stands just up the top of the box now as fans are encouraged. Ricochet leaves a large double double collapse from the top of the cake, and landed on everyone else below. The people are bigger and we can transcribe.

Both teams get back and go; Looking from their own ring while the crowd Enjoy them all, singing for NXT. Both teams meet the difference and rubbish talk. They will be interrupted between the rings and their rings; Start to try each other again. We are back to most people down. Fish and Rowe go on. Rowe has a huge knee to the face. Hanson will go to her & # 39; roof and drop a big fall on Fish as Rowe. O Reilly to record Rowe and her & # 39; launched strongly with an envelope. Hanson gives Strong and O Re # Reilly a double bend back. Ricochet will be completed by & # 39; Cole's spring starts and takes it out. Dunne is currently unloading Cole on. Cole Counters and Spirits With DDT. Cole has more serious crime to Dunnee for two closed accounts. Cole is showing her own knee but Lachan Dhunne. Dunne drops Cole on his head and Ricochet has a " hear with the 450 for the baby on top of Cole. Dunne is a cover for her & # 39; a winning winner while Ricochet's arm is on Cole.

Winners: Pete Dunne, Ricochet and The War Raiders

This game broadcast from the "Takeover: War Games II" output service. Click here for full results.

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