WWE SmackDead results, review and levels: Vince McMahon is sticking the deck against Kofi Kingston


As WrestleMania 35 uses, it's perhaps the most exciting story behind SmackDown Live going to bigger event this year with Kofi Kingston discovering a eleventh anniversary WWE. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon has been standing all the time, even as far afield as Kingston's Fastlane, with The Bar in a bannock game. But still, with his New Year's brothers next to him, Kingston is loyal to finding what he believes he has gained in his life.

Well, McMahon felt a bit more passing on Tuesday night because the old actor got him to challenge the title, even though that won't come down easily.

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Let's take a look at everything that has gone down on Tuesday on another issue of SmackDown.

Vince McMahon is giving Kofi Kingston an opportunity

The New Day felt it felt early, as the three of them spoiled the team who are opening a rosette with Ricochet & Aleister Black & The Hardy Boyz on The Bar & Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura. The game was summoned when the three men made out and they put everyone in sight.

McMahon went out for the main event category. The chairman said he is here to give all the people what he wants, and he's here to tell Kingston what he wants – a chance to compete for the WWE competition at WrestleMania. He said in Fastlane, he gave Kingston the chance to make a competition, and what did he do? It failed. Just as McMahon was about to talk about tea proposals, New Day marched to the ring.

Big E and Xavier Woods explained how they do everything the company wants and don't want anything back, but they will still be treated as waste. McMahon burnt back by saying they were not worthy of an expensive thing. Woods said they deserve as they earn, and Big E announced that Kingston has won the WWE competition. He told him, McMahon said to Kingston that he had some terrible problems during his career, but when he goes into the Fame Hall some time, he won't enter as a single star but as a member of a New Day rather than a all are work-based and take all beliefs. Kingston pulled the lure and explained to him his personal WWE sacrifices in 11 years – as he had never cured his children – but he didn't ask for anything none.

The music of Randy Orton and the Viper came out, followed by The Bar, Samoa Joe and Rowan. McMahon told Kingston if he wanted to get the title WrestleMania, that he must defeat them again next week. The five men escaped in the ring but were treated by the New Day which stood high to bring the exhibition to a close.

I think the only opportunity for Kingston to put it into the WWE championship at WrestleMania is the same way that this monster started: running a marathon in a bad condition. For longer-term storytelling purposes, I'd rather stop Kingston just being Orton, but there is a chance that it will come down to both of them this week. Externally, the undercover story remains very attractive to fans, and we have set it up for one hell of the next specific moment, if Kingston leaps through the final circles. and with no option left because it would be his WWE next champion. Level: A-

Shane McMahon talks about his activities

McMahon escaped from SmackDown on Tuesday night along with the WWE World Cup cup, which survived in "THe A-STEACH!" Gifts from the Dayton world. He sent for Greg Hamilton, the man who sent the ring, the ring and asked him to be named "the best thing in the world, Shane McMahon." He attacked Hamilton twice, making him mention that there were more convictions each time.

Turning it on for the reason it turned on the Miz, McMahon explained that he is ill with everyone who asks what he can do for them. Well, that stopped when he turned on his companion in the city of Cleveland on Sunday, which sparked it all that he had never seen before. The commissioner said it was time to be attacked on Sunday, that he is going to do that at the worst of all: WrestleMania.

Macahon's explanation for turning his companion was not just writing home about it but it made sense because he was, McMahon afterwards; in fact, he feels that everyone is always trying to damage it and its power. In total, the gene of this fever, the World Cup cup, was in the ring that was added to the region, and April 2012 should be awarded a pair of trousers. in the MetLife Estate. Level: B +

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • The Usos made everyone aware: In behind-the-scenes advertising, the Usos warned each tag team of the SmackDown machine, and even specifically mentioned The Hardyz at one time. They just want to know who they are appearing at WrestleMania.
  • Randy Orton, AJ Styles trade insurance: Orton came out to the ring and said what he doesn't understand how this is the house built by AJ Styles. He ran down the differences in their professional trips from 2002 onwards, even even referring to the fact that Styles in 2005 "down in Florida were getting under Dixie Carter" and he is now as the youngest WWE champion ever. Styles marched out and threw his own oral games back in Orton, introducing RKO's Diamond Cutter attack and mentioning his early career support. the WWE. Orton told Styles that he was the owner of this house and "rent is due." "Rooms closed to tell Orton if he wants to let his rent come," he said. T and proclaimed his attention to the attention of WrestleMania. A very remarkable mixture of these two.
  • Asuka def. Sonya Deville is submitting it: SmackDown's female athlete stopped Deville in this barbarous case by Lock Asuka. The end was calling back on the Sunday Sunday event in Fastlane, with Mandy Rose pulling out the apron as a result of a Deville sweep before being caught in a crèche Asuka. Rose and Deville argued on the way to the back.
  • IIconics calls the Boss Connection; Hey: Just as they have been doing everything through social media, Billie Kay & Peyton Royce rushed Sasha Banks & Bayley for not appearing on SmackDown since they got the titles. They told the players that they could never run.
  • Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were again repeating: Ronda Rousey's Fastlane challenge Lynch was out for promo, throwing out she was in the process. She said despite all, "The Man" is back on her own feet and back in the main event at WrestleMania. She said she got "Ronnie" to do her dirty work for her, and that she would pay it back by giving her name at WrestleMania. Flair came out and said she had been chosen to play the game, and she had never seen anyone so small that she had been given such a belief. Lynch went by informing Flair that she hadn't done anything for four years and then she succeeded in the issue of WrestleMania.
  • Rey Mysterio & R-Truth def. Samoa Joe & Andrade at a price: Mysterio became responsible for the US champion after having made an Uranage attack in rolap. Mysterio lifted him out of the circle immediately, so Joe took anger on Truth and Andrade.
  • Rowan & Daniel Bryan def. Mustafa Ali & Kevin Owens through price: On the back, Kayla Braxton caught up with Bryan and Rowan, who were getting out of Mr Macahon's office. Bryan said he was there to give his views on Kingston, and in response McMahon e and Rowan joined this tag game. They won, however, as Rowan Ali put off with his slam slam.

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