WWE SmackDown Live live, recycle, concepts (November 27, 2018): Empress


I have not been watching SmackDown since I started to review Raw. It's just … a lot of your lie, you know? So, ten minutes into SmackDown, two of them hit me.

Originally, the General Manager of Babyface is like manna from the heavens. Oh my goodbye, Paige, I need you for so long. Second? I have not heard Raw responding to Becky Lynch in a good time.

Lynch spoke about how sad it was to be & # 39; Look at someone stepped in and how it was spread That sentence, with the way – to fight Ronda Rousey instead of Survivor Series. And of course this brought out the woman in a question: Charlotte Flair.

And all, I'm so quiet to return from Charlotte Superior. I have been extremely supportive of those ideas from her NXT days and she is a gives Lynch a great movie. The two neighbors who were merchanted for a few minutes like Paige made with pride.

And back to Paige for second; It was a full story of this story, the opponent for a whole division. Paige offered a Charlotte title tires at TLC because her passion and driver are matching Becky. But this time? TLC game. Let's get sadness.

But the rest of the lock room was given by Paige a & # 39; let Charlotte cut it in front of the line, however. They published their complaints and found: Paige did listen to the talent and gave them an opportunity to prove she was wrong! I know! I can not believe either!

Paige made royal battles in the main event where the prize was to be done; join the TLC game. And for a short time, I was sure she was Mandy Rose; there. She has been very much spoken and it was clear that the opening area was the focus.

But not, how can you go over Asuka when she gets to know she got tonight? This is the best thing for SmackDown and I have already confirmed that this match should be a major TLC event.

Now being fair, there is a big gap between these three names and the rest of the division. WWE should be working on that. But with the Royal Rumble just two months away, I can not be too crucial.

Straight Edge Joe

For me, as the story goes back again.

Jeff Hardy received an incredible award on this exhibition, which marked 20 years of death and general illness. No wonder the Hardy boys say, Tuesday.

And it was nice! The production team will create videos with the kind of videos and the people were suitably suited. I was heartbroken, unhappy, as Jeff was totally ill, hindering his revenge within the search business.

… But then? Joe.

Samoa Joe started his party and I am swear it's good he's a bad male mice in the WWE with a microphone in his hand. Instead of identifying Jeff's ability to do & # 39; overcoming the issues and getting happiness and success, Joe looked at the person for his beauty and beauty. Mock Hardy for his failures.

"People like yourself are not changing," Joe? Geez!

And indeed, he talks about Jeff's history with alcohol and drugs. We also heard all points that Joe did ahead of the Straight Edged Savior probator. This turnover of CM Punk and this Joe Joe version is quite different; Although Punk was very funny and maybe even fear that Hardy would stand, it's just a bit bad that laughs at anyone for being "weak."

I'm willing if it is not effective. I hope that the games here are & # 39; Deliver as well as this part.

The Rest

These Uses protect. The Bar – The Big Show turned over again and this is my bad horror. The game was fun, but it's just the usual tag tag competition.

Daniel Bryan does not want any of them – I was a promo AJ Styles & # 39; tonight. He said Bryan's understanding of her & # 39; doing something uncertain to win. It can connect to that. But growing on the face several times after her & her; game? The Styles did not pissed that, and Bryan's interpretation was a bit of help.

I enjoy how the styles drew Brock Lesnar, along the way. Bryan released his duties, "describing" from Raw and anyone who is in a position; Raw's photographs today is a good man in my book. But that's about AJ because of & # 39; He made a point not to lose a diary always have exhibitions. He misses he loses someone who plays Bryan.

I enjoy how easy this was. I also appreciate how well AJ Styles is a & # 39; offered grain. It's really good at that.

Miz and Shane McMahon's baby child – The Miz is killed. After choosing a fight with the New Day – and his & her; Missing against Shane immediately to ask why he was not helpful. I can not help but smile when Miz put the best prize in the world forward by singer Shane.

Nakamura's Muladach Rusev – Okay, not this. If it is said that Paige na GM babyface, this type of material must be brought into the pig. And amazingly? Nakamura and Rusev are good for this type of type. I do not think this type of thing is a # 39; getting involved in the crowd.

The … Killer Co-worker? – I'm not sure how I'm feeling about Randy Orton now. Does he go through a life-threatening emergency? Trying to bring back the glorious days of the story? Orton is sure to be sure, but I do not think there is enough material here until they hope to revive it; them.

This was so awful of air after it had been done; move through Raw yesterday. It is clear that there are some issues, but we can work with this, people.

Level: B-

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