WWE SmackDown Results at March 12, 2019


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March 12 Live WWE SD

WWE SmackDown Dayton, Ohio

The reporters are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

– WWE SmackDown's exhibition starts with Shane McMahon entering the ring and displaying videos of Fastlane (presenting a summary here) and Shane attacked Miz. Shane is in the ring with his best award in the world. Shane is presenting to the reporter to return to the ring and speak to him. The messenger announces Shane as the world's best person. Shane will be doing twice. Shane says that we want to know why he made a best friend. To be honest, he is tired. He is tired to see all his people in life. It doesn't just talk about WWE Universe, curators or WWE staff. People are always seeing what it can do to improve. The crowds are singing, we want Kofi & # 39; . Shane says that everyone wants to know how to advertise. We have no idea what to do behind the scenes. Everyone wants help. Shane says that everything came to an end yesterday when he hit Miz in his own village.

Shane says that he is not in the world because he has won a team title or title, but he is born like that. From now on, he will only do things for himself. It's the best of Sunday when he adopted Miz's father, although Miz could not do anything on the ground. Shane says that Miz has to listen to him, it's not a request because Miz works for him. Shane says he will continue to beat most Miz of all at WrestleMania !! Miz has to prepare for another world world and will be great.

– Back after time, the fighting started.

– Match the 8-Man Team Team

Aleister Black, Ricochet and Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) Rusev vs with Lana, Shinsuke Nakamura and The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)

At the end of the fight, the keepers go ahead with those who finish one after the other. Eventually Jeff led his Twist of Fate on Cesaro and directed him to cover the Swanton Bomb, but Rusev and Nakamura broke the account. The eight lover fits in the circle. A New Day will come on board. The referee will stop the fight.

Winners: No competition

– After the fighting, a New Day will hide the ring. Kofi ends with Trouble in Paradise on Rusev.

– Behind the scenes, we look for the Usos. Jimmy says that they saw a New Day which they wanted to do the place. Jey says that the conflict has begun from SummerSlam. They are prepared for any challenge from anyone.

– Randy Orton reaches the ring and we leave for peace. Eventually, Orton is still in the ring. Orton states that he needs to discuss a subject. This was the house built by AJ Styles, which isn't. But he doesn't understand that AJ Styles in 2002 struggled for $ 10 in a sports hall in front of 10 people when he was here and doing his first game at WWE. In 2004 AJ was holding hands in bingo halls when he was a WWE player. In 2005 by Dixie Carter, AJ in Florida was speeding up with Undertaker at WrestleMania. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and so he was here and he was a hero. This is not the house built by AJ Styles. This was his house he built for a long time !! AJ Styles' music starts and starts going into the ring. AJ says that Orton has continued his job well for someone who is looking down on the indy. Yes, it's from an indy and it's proud of that. He has heard that people like Orton are just for WWE. That's great because Orton would not have survived in his life, especially by standing and bone.

Orton asks whether AJ is simply saying that his relations won't be making a copy of anyone? Orton marks the toe. AJ tells Orton how to look after the business, the indies are surrounded by it. They won WWE's place and don't want to work for their father. In his first year Orton has been helped by Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista to ensure that he cannot fail. Orton reports that he did more than 24 when he dreamed. He was awarded Royal Rumble, a premier event in WrestleMania and other PPVs. Nobody helped him to get a place. AJ says that Orton has been forgetting the band Evolution, Rated RKO as well, and the Wyatt family. AJ says that Orton has many of the babysitter. Orton is the Viper, he uses everyone and then he sends it away. AJ says that it was for that reason he jumped on Orton to Fastlane as he won't be the next victim. Orton says that AJ is not allowed to make a choice. AJ wants to make room in his house. It is owned by Orton and is owned by AJ as the son of a blacksmith and comes to the RKO. AJ asks if Orton wants to rent it? It can be built at WrestleMania !!

– Back, the keepers come.

– Match Sing – Track Number

Asuka vs Sonya Deville with Mandy Rose

At the end of the fight, a few confrontations between Rose and Deville, Asuka allowed the opportunity to kick Deville. Asuka was tied to her Asuka lock to make her mark.

Winner: Asuka by reply

– After the fight, Deville refuses to go with Rose.

– Behind the scenes, we are looking for the Iiconics. Billie Kay says Bayley and Sasha won against Tamina and Nia, it is time to move forward. Peyton Royce states that their future protection will be at SmackDown Live and that it will be an Iiconic.

Becky Lynch You'll come to the ring, then she throws it out, Becky is hurt! Becky says that it's good to be away from the stage on both feet. He was wounded, hanged, hanged and arrested. But the man is back at his feet and in the main event at WrestleMania! She chose Ronda Rousey first, but Charlotte went through Vince McMahon. She had to win two times in a row, once she won Royal Rumble Match and the second was using Ronda Rousey. It's difficult to play strategically with an unpleasant woman. She did this and Rousey gave her her skin. She pays Rousey by dismissing her arm at WrestleMania and getting the woman's title. At WrestleMania she will bring everything back from her. Charlotte Flair arrives. Charlotte is deceiving her. Charlotte says that Becky comes into her main event last. Charlotte says she has been on the stage for four years and that Becky is just six months. Charlotte says that we chose to do the job. Charlotte says that Becky does little but credit for everything. It needs to make sure that Rousey and Becky are again important when they give the queen, Mrs WrestleMania, an arch. Becky says that Charlotte did nothing in 4 years with the department. She has just made her place and keeps the event herself. He is the queen who only needs WrestleMania.

– Behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan and Rowan leave Vince McMahon's office. Kayla asks what they are talking about. Bryan says that it was a private discussion. Kayla asks if they talk about Kofi Kingston. Bryan says that after defending his match in Match Threat Triple, he believes that Vince needed his advice before he sent for Kofi. Kayla asks him to reply to Vince. Bryan says he will be part of a team with Rowan to meet Owens and Ali.

– Back, the wardens are coming.

– Team Tag Team

Rey Mysterio and R-Truth with Carmella Andrade vs with Zelina Vega and Samoa Joe

At the end of the fight, Rey makes 619 on Joe and Andrade! Rey runs about Frog Splash on Andrade but Joe goes to Senton on Rey. Joe's got the better of it, but Rey is surprised by three people on Sunset Flip.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and R-Truth

– After the fight, Joe is furious and makes STO on Truth and Andrade and Rey's gone fast on the ramp.

– Alex Bliss is to be presenting WrestleMania this year, for details here.

– Back, the keepers enter the circle.

– Team Tag Team

Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan

At the end of the fight, Rowan will attack Owens against the iron face to hold it down the ring. Bryan and Rowan take control of Ali. Rowan gets hold of Ali and gives ChokeSlam for three.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

– Vince McMahon comes into the ring and leave for a break. Eventually, Vince is still in the ring.

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