WWE Starrcade Results (11/25): AJ Styles Looking Samoa Joe In A Steel Cage, Match Match 8-Women, MizTV


Welcome to WWE Starrcade's Wrestling Inc live broadcast! The specialist cover will begin once at 8pm ET. The show was selected last night, so if you want to check every game, click here.

– Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are recited for an evening show from Cincinnati, Ohio.

– Elias will pick up things in her & # 39; circle and play some of the music for the fans. He asks the people who want to walk with Elias? He then wonders if he gets anything better than Elias's performance and he says he's not at all, but he has a special one who will be able to do so. Walking with Tonight, WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. Flair will be made out of her & # 39; ear to welcome. Flair says he's been dying to walk with Elias since he saw the TV. Flair says 35 years ago that is against Harley Race and he is honored to be here and with Elias. Elias is saying that the only thing to do is to # 39; sing and play a little song.

Before Elias can get out, Nia Niax, Tamina, Mickie James and Alicia Fox come out. Elias looks a little worried, but all Flair's eyes. Feel like the four Superstars entering the ring. Nia receives her sons and says they wanted to walk with Elias. Nia boos crowd. Elias says it's not amazing, Flair says, "Beautiful women!" and Elijah responds, "Easy, Ric." Elias begins the song as he says he will take Fox's attention. Elias sings a song with some help from Ric Flair. Nia Jax is then jumping in with some serious dancing songs, Elias stop. Nia says she turned into a WWE registration case, Elias says she must close her mouth and ask her four friends to help her. Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Bayley, and Ember Moon come to the ring for the 8-woman tag.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Dana Brooke vs. Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and Tamina

James and Ember get things that & # 39; start. James with the strikes, but Ember reaches crosses and tags in Brooke. Double suplex on James, Brooke who tried for a pin early, two accounts. Back-to-back backup shoes in the corner, pancreas, splash, cover, and James starts at two. Bayley tags are when James flows across to Tamina and tags. Bayley is a pitching and trying to twin her own, Tamina has a single strike; falling Bayley. On the back bend in the corner on Bayley, Tamina costs, there is no home, Bayley with a knee with her head; run, look for another, put it out to the apron and her; Tamina's window over the second clothes. Jax gets in, a double shoulder block on Bayley. Boos woman How to go for a pin, two.

Fox tags enter and go to; Going for a greedy thrush on Bayley, Fox is thrown into the corner and Jax's tags (more ghost). Jax throws Bayley to the floor and her; Ember and Brooke out in the corner. Bayley is trying to fight from Nia, Niall is in a hurry. finishing one of her own partners on the apple, Bayley is leaving and sheets in Banks. Inner tag tags, Banks with double knees in the corner, pin, Tamina breaks up. Ember eclipse Tamina. James claims Ember, Brooke with a crois that's a Looking rough at the tip of the rope, Niall caught her. Bayley with a winged flight to the back of Jax's neck. Fox continues following Banks, but Banks have a " lock in the bank statement for its impact.

Winners: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, and Ember Moon during the bid

– Samoa Joe talks about her & her; a future steel jack game against AJ Styles, talk about her & # 39; explain problems and how to do games again and again. Joe says that, although lost, Styles is the one who leaves the ring with a bit of it missing. Joe continues to have Styles in a similar way if he expects to come out of a steel cage today … at all. It's reminiscent of Styles to be & # 39; His friends and family liked because his time is up.

– The Miz is in the circle for the MizTV division tonight. Miz remembers Starrcade's history fans with stars such as Ric Flair, Harley Race, Roddy Piper, Lex Luger, and Dusty Rhodes. Miz includes Champion Champion of the USA, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rey Mysterio. Come to Mysterio with a brace, because of an attack from Randy Orton on SmackDown this week.

Miz asks for Mysterio why he is at the show and has not cured at home. Mysterio says that it is here because Starrcade has a special place in the heart because Mysterio Superstars has been missed for her. first time (Sting, Ric Flair and Eddie Guerrero). Crowds with "Eddie!" chant. Mysterio continues to say that it is important to leave a history here by clicking on it. hit Nakamura tonight. Miz affects things and then asks Nakamura about how she is going to be on her. feeling what Mysterio said. Nakamura responds, "arcade?" Miz says, "No, Starrcade! Do not you know Starrcade?" Nakamura tells he knows about the incident, but he does not care about it, or does not; cares for Mysterio.

Mysterio gets some heated, Miz is a & # 39; Remind Mysterio not the only one that spent Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Mysterio swears Miz's "When My Hands Up" and then "#; talk a bit of bankruptcy to Nakamura. Mysterio threatens Miz and her & her; Nakamura gets a few cheap vessels, and then it's going to go. break out of Mysterio & brace. Miz will call for referee and someone who come out.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Rey Mysterio (Match Championship US WWE)

Nakamura just goes to the neck of Mysterio with her knees. Nakamura will send Mysterio to a & # 39; brat, looking for a & # 39; kinshasa, but Mysterio is turned for cover, two accounts. Nakamura with another caste that falls Mysterio. Nakamura will put Mysterio up on her; top rope, knees to midsection. Mysterio will recover, & # 39; Nakamura breaks out to the floor, slides off football. Mysterio will look for a sitting and sitting session; finishing Miz instead of Nakamura. Back in the circle, Mysterio with a sitting chair. Nakamura will be replaced by 619, but Miz is releasing Mysterio on the floor and the game will throwing her game. Nakamaura and Miz are thrown away at Mysterio based when Rusev's run out to make the rescue. He also sends Miz out of the ring and then Nakamura.

Champion: Rey Mysterio tro DQ (Nakamura holds the title)

– After-game, Lana comes out and wants the fans if they want to meet a tag tag, do, and we will get a tag tag!

Rusev and Rey Mysterio vs. Miz and Shinsuke Nakamura

Miz and Nakamura decide to have no value; and start to & # 39; going to the caffeine, both Rusev and Mysterio went to her; follow and return them to the ring. Both Miz and Nakamura will be inserted into the ring and will be beaten up in the corners. Mysterio will put Miz into the ropes, and & # 39; Looking for 619, but Nakamura breaks her and hers; going to work on Mysterio, trying to pin, two accounts. Miz is hollowed in and ridiculed Rusev a little while & # 39; He is throwing Mysterio. Mysterio attempts to fight back, but will be kicked in front. Miz will take Rusev again. There are Nakamura tags, giving attention to the referee just like miz hamers on Mysterio, cover, two.

Mysterio starts to & # 39; fight back, and start Nakmura in a & # 39; head and watch & # 39; find his way back to Rusev. Nakamura is harassed, Mysterio le enziguri, tags in Rusev. He will meet with Miz with clothes shoes, & # 39; hitting her bone, her & # 39; try for a machka brush, no, scratches to & # 39; Finally, no, Rusev with a rounded envelope, cover, two. Rusev was looking for her & # 39; In case, Nakamura is running a ban, Miz will have a & # 39; last skull, a & # 39; Cover, Mysterio will save its & # 39; game. Mysterio le boc to Miz, hurricanrana sends Miz to the ropes (and Nakmura). Mysterio with 619 for both Miz and Nakamura, Rusev with a blow machka to Miz, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Rusev and Rey Mysterio through Pencil

Joe Joe vs. AJ Styles (Match Cage Steel)

Joe gets Styles off, and trying to throw Styles into the cage, Styles will block it and go to it; focuses on Joe. There are styles that try to put Joe into the cage, nope, the two trading cops together. Dropkick by Styles, back to back, back bend to & # 39; head, click on the throat and the stomach. The styles are split quickly with its strikes. He looks for a suplex, but he does not have much fortune. first knee to the face, try again, suplex will be & # 39; Completing the Materials to address its & # 39; brat and then put it into the ceilidh, not once, but twice. Styles are tied between the ropes and the cage, Joe will cost and break against her; ceilidh.

The fighting styles will be back with strikes, but Joe's throw a large angle backward that is turned inside. Joe is looking to escape, Styles is a? stopping that, Joe will fall on it, bird, two. The styles up, Joe will cost and go to; ends up entering the cage first. He has styles that hit his opponent, Joe is finishing in the corner, Styles with splash, trying to build Joe, nope, Styles with a backfip DDT, cover, Joe knocking on the lower rope. Styles are trying to & # 39; climbing to the top of a cage, Joe will cut off, but bouncing, Styles will jump off the top climber, and # 39; get caught and Joe is hitting a top of the top!

The styles will be included, and & # 39; affecting DDT using the turnbuckle. He will try to talk the styles and his / her; counted Joe with monkeys, putting Styles into the cage, and # 39; bending, running sensation, cover, two accounts. Joe is sitting on the look at her; main band, Joe looks for her & her; Wooden words, Styles will be away, and # 39; chop block Jonathan to knee and jump at knee with Joe. The styles will be installed and & # 39; get in to the back of a watt on his back. Joe is alerting her knee as Styles to her; looking for calf shoes on Joe. Joe is looking to catch the rope, but he did not help it, Joe will finishing to Styles.

Winner: AJ Styles via Submission

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