WWE Survivor Series 2018 – Re-match matches and ratings for Ronda Rousey-Charlotte Flair, Brock Lesnar-Daniel Bryan and more


The 32th edition of WWE Survivor Series is live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Over the last week, there have been many changes, as Becky Lynch has surrendered to her; The Charlotte Flair-Ronda Rousey game, when WWE's WWE Championship wins Tuesday, he put up a dream match against Brock Lesnar.

After a 10-a-10 traditional Survivor Series final game on the kickoff program, Raw and SmackDown will also play a " war in 5-5 games on a male and also eliminate women.

Arash Markazi lives in Los Angeles throughout the night, by Sean Coyle, Tim Fiorvanti and Matt Wilansky who can recycle her and her. action match by matching.

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Complete warrior vs. WWE Camp: Brock Lesnar def. Daniel Bryan

Full statement to come.

Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan put on a great game that aimed at Bryan trying to overcome Lesnar's power. Despite much of the # 39; close fluid, Lesnar got the job again, completing SmackDown Live and his / her camp; Raw 6-0 at night.

Ronda Rousey def. Charlotte Flair is too disqualified

Charlotte Flair has many things. It is a multi-time camp, which is very talented and maybe on its way to become a GOAT of women's decline.

But on a bad move and a cannon?

It is now. Amongst the winter, memorable matches against the Champions League against Ronda Rousey, Charlotte lost his mind. He lost it completely. Well into the bout, Charlotte's one for most, she grabbed Kendo's bell and went away to Rousey, over and over.

The bell caught. Charlotte was disqualified. But she was not in care. Rousey presented a Natural Election on her seat. Then she attacked four officers and inserted Rousey's neck between her & her; chairman and he stopped. Totally brutal. What happened to Charlotte? She disappeared as Becky had done a few months ago; as Daniel Bryan made on AJ Styles just another day.

To say it's an amazing turnover of events in a game that could have been a great way to go. The main event at any payment according to a vision is realized. But in many ways, this is the right right. Charlotte has played a closer player, and since he has lost the title, she has had her case; going on not working – especially by Becky climbing.

Charlotte is no longer.

Believe it or not, Rousey, the biggest player who talks about it is a garden mixer fans since she made the news that she was coming to WWE near a year ago, just a backdrop in the Sunday Sunday on Sunday.

Rousey has made the line up, the way to the competition, and won the last August of SummerSlam. But she was going into trouble. No-one was on the same level as the # 39; she is when you're feeling it's a # 39; Feeling she likes her.

But then Charlotte is. It is on a blue flag, far from Rousey, but more than anyone – and that's including Becky – the only woman who could stop the Rousey train.

After all, Charlotte, who set out Asuka at WrestleMania last year, finishing one of the big streaks that won this business.

On Sunday, Charlotte was an attack on the first part of the game. It was extremely good and technical – as long as she was a to read more about a few oral words about Rousey.

Blood was pouring from her mouth at her; Raw champ and useless for her & The first time he went to the business. Blugfest B & B; , and Rousey was missing.

But Charlotte may have been a bigger enemy. She quickly went to winter, but Rousey grew and started off. turn the tide. Then things got very good. Luffs and onshore rights. Charlotte was killed by Rousey. The crowd was feeling. The blood was now on its way to the Rousey coffin and was spread over its " circle.

And that's why Charlotte lost his mind.

This story will follow. Usually, disinfection and counting will usually cause a bad deal in our mouth. But not in this case. If this is the new Charlotte, we are involved in a medicine, and Rousey, when the next step could be, could be for even more punishment.

Game 5 after 5 at the menTeam Raw (Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew MacIntyre, Fionn Balor, Bobby Lashley) def. Team SmackDown (The Miz, King Mysterio, Joe Joe, Shane Matheson, Jeff Hardy)

If it is not clear through the 5 out of 5 final game and the Seth Rollins impact over Shinsuke Nakamura, the Survivor Series's main driver appears to have funny stories on Monday Night Raw, at the expense of SmackDown S Post-

In addition to the Miz again, sometimes, Shane McMahon would have introduced into a harmful way, which should be a bit in the coming weeks, the Braun Strowman conflict with Baron Corbin, Drew Mac An t-Saoir agus a & # 39; Most of the Raw catching room was built in the middle of 5-5 games to eliminate the Sunday night prize. After making a lot of heavy construction in the game, a & # 39; estimating the last four roles for the Raw team, Corrow attacked Corbin as the current Raw GM tried to escape from the attack because of the second one who put the bell finishing a game.

However, it's better than Samoa Joe and many others to have Survivor Series. After Braun Strowman and Drew MacIntyre fought for a game for Raw against Samoa Joe, Strowman won the battle of the drivers. However, MacIntyre was a reference to himself, however, and almost never fell into a clutch coach. Joe was close to lock the second time, but after McIntyre drove in, he landed Claymore's rock just on his thumbnail and, just a few hours into the game, Samoa was very tough I read.

The people made their feelings straightforward in a less polite way. Raw was almost unsuccessful when Dolph Ziggler Zig Zag hit Shane McMahon, but Miz ran for the saving. He asked his question why anybody in the tag team or women's games was the same earlier in the night, and why they did not try to save Samoa Joe.

Braun is included, except for MacIntyre to tag in again again; This time the two giants were splitting together, and the riot then Braun left to go back for himself. He started with 619 with Mysterio, and finished when McMahon hit a dumb angle from the highest turnbuckle through Strowman on his record record.

Balor offered to help MacIntyre, but Drew refused tags. Eventually, Balor referred to himself and then kicked Drew in front of a good step, Sewing even more into the Raw team. Balor the Miz and Jeff Hardy broke, and then they went to battle with Mysterio. After he was lost 619, he sent Mysterio slingblade from Fionn Balor, who put it up for his grace. But Balor's finalist, converted by Mysterio, moved to the other side of his ring and put 619 away to eliminate Balor.

Mysterio Drew Mc MacIntyre was up for 619 too, but Bobby Lashley blinded a reference and then a Mysterio ragdolled all over the place. But he finally chose tags out, and Hardy finished face to face with Ziggler; Hity hit Twist of Match, but his attempt at Swanton bomb hit Ziggler's knees.

Miz McMahon went on, and SmackDown commissioner hit the coast to Ziggler. With Ziggler's second beat in three weeks, McMahon gave him SmackDown the numbers of benefits again.

Lashley started in and put forward Shane all over the place, but after Miz helped her to turn to her; the sea, Miz Shane McMahon once again got to attack the rope upstairs and try to coast-on-shore on Lashley. This time, however, Strowman grew out of any place and left McMahon out of the air.

It was very simple from that place. Braun Strowman has a power to destroy Jeff Hardy. 619 went into another pottery to demolish Mysterio. As Miz and McMahon tried to reorganize, Miz McMahon left out for a drying once again as Strowman did; SmackDown commissioner contaminated at full speed. Miz got a knock on his own from Strowman, however, and there was a bowel and somebody was also waiting to wait.

McMahon moved to Strowman for the giant to move forward, and Strowman met. McMahon sent his case to her; computer and gave Strowman four final powers to just finish his game. Both the General and Corbin concerts both have the opportunity to go ahead, and Raw up 4-0 onwards the payment sum (4-1 if you are counting a & # 39 ; music concert). Although SmackDown has grown largely, thanks to Becky Lynch, it's hard to look at this game and Survivor Series to this point and not to. think that Raw remains the main program in the eyes of WWE's powers.

Cruiserweight Championship Buddy Murphy (c) def. Mustafa Ali

Buddy Murphy is not the most famous star, and not just because he is in the department across. He had no moment until October at Super Show-Down in Australia, when he met Cedric Alexander's long-term camp. But Murphy has the necessary tools for success in this area. It looks, the way of thinking, the unusual skill. And the power.

The truth is, however tough and talented. his enemy was Survivor Series, Mustafa Ali, who was, the time was not right. He has been patient to wait for another scenario from a & # 39; falling to Alexander and WrestleMania.

Ali and Murphy had a heat competition earlier in the year, and to the joy of anyone who likes high cheats, they were restrained.

He did not take more than a minute before Ali exposed his air-conditioning devices with 360 over-the-rope behavior on Murphy, but the camp was tight in hand by bringing removing Ali from the middle rope and into the boat, a movement that had a great deal of resistance from the population.

Murphy had just got fire there. He also placed over the rope and landed on Ali and then brought an accident around his ring with his strong power. And one point he was very happy with Ali and he sent out on the clothes as a ragdoll. Both threats move significantly to their & # 39; All of the game, but Fly Fly Spanish has been released from the table and has been released on the floor to the public.

When the two were back in the circle, Ali was very likely to be in a position; hitting the # 054 but just; Murphy rises and opposes the forehead of the ropes and hit the maker at Murphy's Law.

Hopefully this would be the stage; Murphy needed to know more. He is worthy of it.

Petitioners Raw tag team champions vs. tag SmackDown: Authors of Pain def. The Bar

Although a destination did not go into the RAW versus SmackDown tag competition, AOP and The Bar are two of the largest teams on each table. What is needed from a storytelling could be made from a perspective in a circle with the additional wildcards of the Great Show in the corner of Barbara and Drake Maverick beside AOP. Unfortunately, the product was unfortunate.

As expected between two power teams, the speed of the game was very slow, especially early. The tag tag crew formula was used as AOP, which operated as an heel, which crashed on Cesaro, teth tag.

Cesaro finally arrived at James to abolish the knees of his knees and his eyes on each AOP member. Seamus Rezar took a Brogue clip, but when it was covered, Maverick interrupted and turned Casar's back on the lower rope, and census breakdown. As Maverick tried to escape out of the sight of the crime, he was captured by the Big Show, which gave him an unusual situation.

When Big Show put her hand around the neck of Maverick, it seemed to have been damaged by a painted maverick. That was enough of a problem to give AOP an opportunity to & # 39; allows access to and capture; Sheamus caught with a suplex mix / power bomb for her.

The problem with a & # 39; This game, although AOP worked as an ensalier, both teams were tired of their own exhibitions, so the people left when the Bar returned them well to want. The final result is a general tag team game with an endless final series.

Now that's over, the two teams can be on their way.

Seth Rollins defeated Shinsuke Nakamura at Survivor Series. With court @WWE

Intercontinental vs. US War II Competition: Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura

For all WWE's "first-time ever" game over the last two years, many of them did not live enough to everyone.

It is safe to say that Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins were going out of the way to go to # 39; move that game, which combines an intense corporate game that was built even more at the end of the game and that the people dropped up early in the night.

Under the right conditions, Nakamura-Rollins may have been an earlier event on this decade within a special American Legion Post about 30 miles north of the Staples Center on 405 and would not anyone to look at it. Although Rollins was walking on her; Ultimately the impact on this night, but in a game without special gameplay, he and Nakamura gave fans fans a competition; Raw no SmackDown may be delighted in the future.

The action started slowly, because each one was feeling out of his enemy and tried out his & her; get a mental injury on the other. Even before everything started to be built, Rollins fameasser hit the apron – only for Nakamura to make Rollins a & # 39; Moving directions on self-killing attempts and then Rollins to bone in a head with a loud fragment.

Nakamura had an impact on early stages; This game, keeping the work in the corner and near the ropes while & # 39; as he ran through a signature offense. Eventually, Rollins captured the singer Nakamura and threw him away from her clash; From there, Rollins struck a couple of seconds to kill himself and, when the crowd met, he landed the third one.

Even when the request was made, the people were very tough for her. This game is at midway. Rollins and Nakamura seem to have inspired him to build it from a corporate perspective. One-legged backstabber for Nakamura received the attention of the population, but the rumor that Rollins had taken ashore was a long time; Nakamura was a descendant there (who came ashore quickly and brutally while Rollins was thrown) who started to spread the crowd.

It was possible for Nakamura to look at some of its MMA style application changes, and Rollins made a large amount of high-temperature infection into the mixture of a fluffy arrow. Nakamura responded to Landscape, Rollins knocked down a laptop, and was full of steam ahead of the end.

Rollins lost her frog and dropped Nakamura knee running behind her; He found his first incredible war. They took control of each other, and Nakamura was established for correct Kinshasa. Rollins pointed out that he was going out to a high level and a low beat, but for a & # 39; lose the stomp. Nakamura lost Kinshasa the second time, Rollins hit the stomp and got the bad impact.

It was surprising that Dean Ambrose did not take part either during or after his game, but he finally worked well. Rollins raised the impact, and although many signs on Nakamura were still not shown to be able to; emerging from winning the United States championship, he again demonstrated what he could when he got out of mind.

Nia Jax is the only one who has won the Women's Survivor Series. With court @WWE

Wmatch 5 out of 5 a.m.: Raw Team: (Mickie James, Nia Jax, Tamina, Bayley, Sasha Banks) def. Team SmackDown (Asuka, Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose)

Even there was a dramatic drama before the series of women's Series Survivor began. Charlotte Flair was taken off SmackDown herring today on Tuesday so she could fill the shoes for Becky Lynch to get rid of Ronda Rousey. Instead Charlotte was Mandy Rose. It's a refreshment, but it's still an upcoming enemy as it looks like in the # 39; game.

Despite the changes, SmackDown's psychology benefit after Raw's attack was directed by Becky to finish on the Monday of the show. Without doubt, he may have been badly injured by Becky, but the blue team seems to have been the attack; there.

He only took a minute into the game before shoots started out. Then, Tamina sent away without Naomi then before Carmella dropped Tamina and gave us – you agree it – dance break.

How a game was on her & # 39; game, Rose, Bayley and Sonya Deville had fascinating pieces, but everything was eliminated. Asuka – those who survived last year – were left all the same for SmackDown to " company of Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

But if you did not know, Jax, who was getting a great heat across all of her; game because Lynch was released on Monday, he put off the teams off the top clothes and Asuka took hold of the Asuka lock.

But Asuka was not spent. Jax came in and challenged her challenge in SmackDown before she started and stood in her position; circle like the only surviving man.

At the end, it did not; That's an amazing thing that Jax stood up. She has, after all, Rousey's opponent at the end of Survivor Series. It's hard to think of any women on her; Priority that has enough star power that can be matched to Rousey.

That's where Jax is coming in. A & # 39; Judgment of the revival she gave and that the only surviving women in the game Survivor Series was a good start.

Show Kickoff: 10-to-10 team breakdown game: Partly CloudyThe Uses, New Day, SAnitY, Gallows & Anderson, The Colons) def. Team Raw (Bobby Roode & Chad Gableg, Revival, Team B, The Ascension, Party Party Fight)

SmackDown Live clarified their first win of the night on a Survivor Series concert tonight when they faced the RAW team in the " 10-by-10 game with Usos team results as those who were living. Her game was a bit medium, but the innovative site was made up. Chad Chad Gable has many times including a remarkable strength capability when he has used a Big Euplex wheelbarrow on Big E to break a window with Bobby Roode. The game ended with the vigor of Jimmy Uso, which included hosting a Roman Secretary, Scott Revson's Revival.

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